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Dec 29, 2011 10:33 AM

Need new toaster/convection oven - Breville? Cuisinart? Something else

Use it for Eng muffins, bagels, toast; pizza, grill panini sandwiches, heat up a casserole, etc. As a single person, I use this more than my big convection oven. The one that broke did not broil successfully, that would be a plus, but not a necessity. Have done a little research and found Breville and Cusinart seem to be highly recommended. Please share your experiences and recommendations - I would like to spend around $100. Thanks!

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  1. I know there have been some big threads on the Breville smart oven. We absolutely love ours, I also use it more than my full size convection oven. I've baked pies, cakes and breads in it along with all the usual uses. It's more than 100 dollars, but it was worth every penny.

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      Ditto everything Rasputina said. Totally worth it and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. I also use it more than my regular oven. I am single as well and this is great for baking/roasting both smaller and larger portions. For example, i can make a decent size pizza and a standard size pie but also just a few cookies if I want to. I tend to freeze dough or smaller portions of food. If I buy prepared foods it's nice to heat them up quickly without firing up the big oven. I haven't used the broiler, however. The bake and reheat options are my favs - love the convection feature. I bought mine at WS and am so glad I did; their CS is great and the price was on par with what Amazon offered. I find that WS appreciates customer loyalty quite a bit; if I have problems I get real help that Amazon just cannot offer (because it is such a huge operation). There is a less expensive toaster oven version, but I would really recommend the convection, even if you have to wait a bit to save up for it. I also sprang for the cutting board that goes atop of the oven, and it makes a nice shelf for other items...sort of a spacesaver, I guess. I bought mine at Zappos but I think most stores that have the oven offer this as well. I didn't need the pizza stone. The dark colored metal pan that comes with the oven can give you a nice crisp crust...preheat it in the oven first and then add your pizza. Good luck!

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        +2 on the Breville - worth every penny!

        Got ours a few months ago (used one of the 20% off certificates that Bed Bath & Beyond sends out every few weeks - so that helped on the price)

    2. i too am curious. i spent a few months researching to replace a toaster oven. there are so many models out there but i couldn't find many reviews or discussions that weren't about how much everyone loved their Breville toaster oven. all i knew was that i wanted an easy to remove crumb tray for cleaning and no annoying ticking timer. i finally gave up and bought the smaller Breville and i can't say i regret it even though it was significantly more expensive than most models out there. we also bake pie, cookies, reheat leftovers, and yes, eventually we found out it makes beautiful toast too. so it does our toaster oven jobs and has taken over some of our regular oven jobs. i guess in the long run this saves on electricity, especially in the summer when the oven and air conditioner seem to be at war.

      1. The little Black & Decker I got when married 26 years ago started burning the toast, so in October i researched and chose Cuisinart. It is not convection. I don't see the name of the model on it to give you. It has a bagel setting that toasts more from the top or toast which is even from top and bottom. The rack can be placed at three levels. I have done broiled fish, and cooked chicken nut mostly use it for the toast and bagels which it does great. I think I paid about $80.

        1. the Breville kicks ass. it will set you back much more than $100, but i personally think it's worth every penny. i hardly ever turned on my full-size oven again after buying it, and it's large enough to roast a chicken, bake a cake or a loaf of bread...heck, i've even shoved my small cast iron pan in there, handle and all, and the door closes!

          easily the best $250 i've ever spent on kitchenware. if you can afford the price tag and the counter space (it has a rather large footprint), i say go for it.

          (sigh. i miss mine. it's packed in a storage facility 3,000 miles away and i keep *thinking* about using it!)

          1. Breville now has a new Mini oven, which is truly a toaster oven size. It's currently sold only at Williams-Sonoma. It has settings for bagel, toast, frozen pizza, and more. We've had it for about 10 days now and so far, it's worked perfectly. It's not convection, though, if that's important to you. Also, it's $149; however, it's the cheapest of the three Breville ovens.

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              Sur La Table has both sizes (but not the mini). I've had so much trouble with W-S mail order that I've sworn off ever buying from W-S again.