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Dec 29, 2011 10:28 AM

The Junction Restaurants

Thinking of Hugh's Room for some live music after 8:30 Fri nite--wondering where to eat dinner nearby first? Two woman.

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  1. Uh, Hugh's Room isn't in the Junction. Lots on Roncesvalles, tho. Try Pizzeria Defina, Barque or Fat Cat Wine Bar.

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      Thanks..I've been to Barque's in the summer and enjoyed it. Haven't been to Fat Cat's in ages, so I may try Defina. Hugh's Room is close enough I hope as it's a chilly walk these days.

    2. you get a better seat at hugh's room if you eat there...

      ace on roncesvalles is a better bet than defina

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      1. re: ingloriouseater

        Blue bay cafe is right nearby. Great value, only open fri and sat nights as far as I know. Mauritian food - I recommend the chicken mine frire, fish vindaye and the samosas rock as well.

      2. Have you checked whether Hugh's has dinner?
        I went to hear Kate Rushby and they had dinner and that meant a better table selection wit ha dinner reservation!

        I had the mussels and they were good.

        Great to see the comment here.

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          Yes, I ended up reserving there for dinner as it was getting pretty full, so I didn't want to chance it, partly because of the weather as well. The meals are ok, not great. The entertainment is usually wonderful however.

        2. I'd probably hit up the Westerly - i haven't been yet but it's new and fresh and getting quite good feedback - it's right across from the local and the cinema about 2 seconds from Hugh's