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Dec 29, 2011 09:08 AM

Pastrami, Corned Beef, + a Square Rye Rockland/Bergen Co?

Looking for something other then the New City Deli (too far) to buy a about 1 lb each of pastrami and corned beef for sloppy joe's (NJ style) also need to find a square rye. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Costco carries kosher corned beef and pastrami, vacuum packed in plastic. Think it's by Best's? They used to carry other brands like Sinai.

    We bought the corned beef and pastrami a few weeks ago, and warmed slices in the microwave. Put it on Rockland Bakery rye bread, sprinkled on some Nigella seeds that I got at Penzey's, and I felt like I was at an old-style NY deli!

    You should definitely try the deli meat from Costco. As for square rye, that I don't know. But my local Stop 'n Shop in New City bakes wonderful bread, so perhaps you have a Stop 'n Shop near you that bakes rye?

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      Thanks - I was hoping to find a place I could order small amounts. Under 1lb. would be best. Your sandwich is making me hungry! I think I need to go and buy some of the Nigella seeds now,

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        p.s. bought the seeds! Thanks for reminding me they had them.

    2. Kosher Nosh in Glen Rock.
      Petak's in Fair Lawn.
      Foster Village Deli, Bergenfield.

      Rye Bread, Butterflake in Teaneck.

      IMO, packaged pastrami is AWFUL.

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        Michele Cindy, I'm glad you got the Nigella Seeds. IMO, although fresh pastrami is better, the Bests pastrami from Costco was surprisingly good. Although we finished the corned beef and pastrami so I don't have a package to look at right now, my husband thought that the packages weren't much larger than a pound, maybe a pound and a quarter? And he suggested that you could portion it into small bags and freeze some in sandwich size portions. Just a suggestion if the packages are much bigger than what you can use right away.