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Dec 29, 2011 08:48 AM

Doner Kabob in The Cities?

My wife talks about getting a Doner Kabob in Vienna when she was in college, and it sounds like it's practically the national food of Germany right now (even though it's originally Turkish).

I know there's plenty of places to get a gyro in town, but can anyone vouch for a REAL doner kabob somewhere in the Twin Cities?!

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  1. Filfilah is the real deal, and it is amazing. The owner is a very friendly and welcoming and the food is marvelous. The doner is excellent and so is everything else. Can't say enough good things about that place. Yes, it is worth the drive.

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      I will definitely give that a try the next time I am in Northeastern Albuquerque! But I am looking for a restaurant about 1500 mils to the northease of Minneapolis or St. Paul!

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        it is a bit of a drive but Albuquerque has some great food.

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          Filfilah is in Minneapolis Chowhound in their usual way has things screwed up. I thought the food was OK. Check their website for map and correct address.

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            While I enjoyed Filfilah, it is NOT a true Doner Kebab. The only place selling what I know to be a true Doner is Black Sea Restaurant which is on Snelling Avenue near Hamline University. If you are looking for the real thing, start there.


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            Try this:


            It's in Columbia Heights on Central. East side of the road. Kinda orangish-tan. Just north of a Holiday Station.

        2. I don't think either Black Sea or Filfilah has the true Doner Kabab that I ate at the Naschmarkt in Vienna. Doner Kababs have been one of my pursuits here also. I tried both places when they first opened; then tried again. I love Filfilah's gyro, but it is not a Doner that I know.

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            I think it's because Filfilah's uses a Tahini sauce where most places in Europe lean more towards the yogurt based sauces. That's why I wrote the Filfilah isn't a "true" Doner as I know it.

            I'm not saying Black Sea's is a great Doner. But I do know they are the only one using the standard process and actually calling it Doner. So if you want to try one as close to authentic as you'll find, I think it's your best bet. But finding a Doner here that is as good as Europe is about as futile an exercise as trying to find an Italian Beef as good as the one in Chicago or a cheesesteak to rival Philly. It's just not in the cards.

          2. I actually just tried this in Germany a few weeks ago (on a business trip). My understanding was the german version was somewhat unique in that the meat was typically a chicken/veal combo rather than lamb and was served on more breadlike roll rather than a pita. Haven't seen its like in the twin cities though, so not much help, but curious to see if you find anything close.

            1. Middle Eastern gyros/shawirma is not a substitute for Turkish or German doner (which are not the same, but are closer to each other than shawirma/gyros are to doner).

              I know a great German doner place in Portland, OR, but nothing here. No good Turkish doner, either. (Yes, I've tried Black Sea, and they're lovely people, but...) Chicago is the nearest place for great Turkish food.

              Maybe I should be posting on the "What's missing from MSP's culinary landscape?" thread.

              1. Yeah I checked both of these places out online and neither of them look like they have a real Kebab... God I use to live in Germany in college and have been back a few times and I have never been able to find a Kebab in the USA, I saw a shop in Seattle that said they sold them but it was 10 am and they didn't open till 11 and I had to catch my flight! So bummed! I wish some one would open one! They would make a killing! so much better than a gyro... its all about the bread, meat and sauce... just not the same here!