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Dec 29, 2011 07:46 AM

Upscale in Horsham/Willow Grove - steak OK but not a chain

Looking for something for co-workers who think P. F. Chang's is fancy!!

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  1. Ooka in Willow Grove has hibachi tables and serves steak. In Horsham, the Brazilian steakhouse Na Brasa or the cousin next door the Iron Abbey both serve steak dishes. You really do not have many good NON chain options in that area. Carrabas (a chain from the people that brought you the blooming onion) is italian and serves steak dishes that are passable. KC Prime is a local steakhouse that will be opening soon in Warrington, (about another ten minutes up 611) and would fit your bill as a non chain steakhouse. They have one other location in Lawrenceville, NJ.

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        I give a +1 to Ooka. I have eaten at Iron Abbey, which I liked, but not Na Brasa, so I can't comment on that option.

        I don't think the OP was specifically asking for a steakhouse (ie - "steak OK"). However, I agree there's not a lot to recommend in the Horsham/WG area when it comes to "upscale" dining.

        1. Buena Via is upscale, lovely atmosphere - nice menu. Some menu items have been awsome (e.g. a veal chop special) others just okay (e.g. your run of the mill pasta items) but nothing has ever been 'bad' per se . . .