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Dec 29, 2011 07:08 AM

Any restos that offer Godeungeo Jorim at Bloor & Christie?

Had amazing Godeungeo Jorim (mackerel stew with daikon radish) in LA and would love to find a place that offers it here in TO, preferrably along Bloor/Christie if possible but willing to go to Yonge/Finch too. Anyone know of any restaurants that offer this?

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  1. I can't say for sure, but when I used to go to Il Bun Ji on Bloor, which was admittedly a while ago, there was a list of Korean specialties which did not have English translations. I think there were transliterations of the Korean characters, though, and I was able to pick out words I understood, such as Tang or Chigae or Chorim, etc. I asked a server to describe the differences when there were several dishes that featured Tang or one of the other terms. Generally, the differences from one to the next were the type of fish, seafood or meat used. One of those options may well have been mackerel with daikon radish. It's certainly worth a visit to glance at the menu and ask the servers. If no such dish exists there, you can simply move along to another restaurant along the strip.

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      Thank you for the suggestion! I thought that restaurant had closed but will definitely check.

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        I don't live in the GTA, so it's very possible it has closed without my knowledge. I last ate there during the summer.