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Jun 1, 2006 11:36 PM

Craving for Mexican food...

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Past couple weeks I've had a craving for Mexican food. One day while on a Metro bus and I asked the Hispanic driver what he thought of La Parilla(we were near the one on Wilshire and its a CH favorite). He didn't think much of it or the one in ELA. I asked where he liked to go and surprised when he quickly said Los Arcos on Whittier Blvd. Now that I think of it I've seen many Mexican families dining at several of the locations. But its never mentioned by CH's.

Last week on the rec of a local at the Vons on Pasadena Avenue I went to Llamorada on Pasadena Avenue. A favorite lunch haunt for LAPD and city workers. I had a carnitas torta, not bad but nothing fantastic.(nothing tops the tortas at Ana Marie's at GCM)
Few days later a block away on Daly I tried Martha's Kitchen...what a find. Everything comes on hand made tortillas. I had a great chili verde burrito wrapped in a hand made tortilla. Been there twice in the last week.
Yesterday we went to Ciros(down the street from El Tepeyac)for the first time. My wife asks for something like a "Hollenbeck" burrito since she originally wanted El Tepeyac. Waitress kind of laughs and says El Tepeyac is "Americanized" Mexican food and at Ciros they serve authentic Mexican food. What a great place...excellent carnitas tostada, chili Colorado burrito and Milanesa.

Weekend-tamales from Juanito's on Floral Drive, half dozen chili pork tamales. I think they're the best around. You can make a meal out of one and they freeze well.

Got some tamales today at La Moscata Bakery on Whittier Blvd. today on my way home after a trek to sample the infamous Chroni's chili dog that a CH'r recommended highly last week. The Chroni's hot dog had the "Hoffy" snap but the chili was no where near the thick meaty stuff you get at Tommy's.

La Mascata Bakery is on Whittier Blvd. 2 blocks east of Soto(across the street from the Shrimp Boat...have to check that out sometime) known for their green chili tamales. The baked goods also looked fantastic.

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  1. Nice post. I've added Martha's Kitchen and Juanito's to my "to try" list.

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      Totally agree with you on Ciro's. Luckily I've worked in the area for years, and whenever I have a craving for Mexican (which comes more frequently once you've been to Ciro's), that's the only place to go.

      Amazing food.

    2. La Moscata Has the BOMB Chicken Tamales Chili Verde style.... Johnnys Shrimp Boat across the street has the Best KOREAN OWNER< MEXICAN WORKER<CHINESE STYLE Fried Shrimp.. LOL I usuall get Chili & Rice at Johnnys 2 eat with my Chicken tamales from La Mascota... Other wise I Get the T-Bone Steak with Shrimp on the side ......... ENJOY!

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        I was the original poster on that thread before I changed to Monku. You must be doing a search on Martha's Kitchen.