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Dec 28, 2011 11:36 PM

Norton's- Red Wing Minnesota

Has anyone in the southern Minnesota area been to or heard of a restaurant called Norton's?
The reason I heard about it is that I read the wikipedia profile of the seminal 80's band Husker Du.
On it it says that their former bass player Greg Norton open a restaraunt in Red Wing called Norton's after the breakup of the band in 1987. I'm from Michigan and the only time I've to Minnesota is when I changed planes in Minneapolis.

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  1. Norton's closed a couple of years ago. It re-opened as Sarah's. I've not been to Sarah's, but it appears to get mixed reviews.

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        Sarah is Greg Norton's ex-wife; rumor is that Greg joined a band coinciding with the divorce. Sarah was the chef at Norton's/Sarah's. Around 1-1-2012, Sarah's closed. 'Mixed reviews' might be fair, but the room was huge for big city, much less a small town like Red Wing.....I saw it as a tough nut before it even opened.

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          greg took a serving job in minneapolis, at the inn, which iirc had a short run of not quite a year in 2010-11. i am not sure if that coincided w the band or not.

          my family was there for dinner and greg norton served our table--i mean, he still rocks that mustache(!), and dh kept dropping husker du song titles/lyrics into conversation. you kind of had to be there in the moment, but i'm actually pretty proud of myself for not breaking down howling w laughter. as a server he was so-so. seemed off that particular night, no big deal. maybe he'll catch a break, soon.

    1. Yes is it still open for business