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Jun 1, 2006 11:13 PM

Bakeries In Fullerton

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Does anyone know any good bakeries in the Fullerton/Brea area? Preferably closer to Fullerton than Rowland Heights or Hacienda Heights...


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  1. We have never been disappointed with Beverly's on Brea Blvd. From our wedding cake, to "normal" cakes and fruit tarts for office parties, everything has been great.

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      There's a little one in Fullerton called Judy Lynn's
      on Commonwealth near Harbor. I've only bought
      pastries (danish, etc.) from them.

      Dunno about their cakes and such.

      Pastries were pretty good.

      1. re: Just Cid

        Do you have an address for this place as well? Thanks!

      2. re: Vitese

        Do you have an address for this place? I'm not terribly familiar with Fullerton yet... Thanks!

      3. Judy Lynn on Commonwealth has been there for about 40 years--they have a sister location in Orange called Paol's (sp?). They have some classic pastries--nice hometown feel.

        Although I have ordered many cakes from Beverly's on Brea Blvd, because they decorate nicely, the flavor is just not good (okay for kids parties). Their individual pastries are pretty good though.

        Calico Cakes, a cake supply store on Orangethorpe in Buena Park, makes *very* tasty cakes to order.

        I have also heard of a bakery called Cinderella Cakes in Anaheim that is supposed to be good, although I have not been myself.

        1. Ya gotta try De Leon's Bakery at 822 E Chapman Ave(714-525-5367). They have a great "Pastel de Tres Leches" for an amazing $1.50. It's VERY moist and not too sweet, so keep that in mind....

          1. There is a Paris Baguette on Beach Blvd. and La Mirada in Buena Park - they have good pastries.

            1. Don't know if Anaheim is too far south for you, but Sarkis Pastry has very good pastry (middle eastern or Western style).

              2424 Ball Rd. Anahiem