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Dec 28, 2011 08:32 PM

El Cerrito Raley's - fresh cranberries 50 cents a bag

Perfect condition. Also green beans 79 cents a pound. I don't see this in the ad, so it might be an in-store special. The ad does mention the $1 grape tomatoes.

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    1. I just came back from the Fremont Raley's and they have Ocean Spray fresh cranberries 12oz bag for 99c. I told the cashier it's 50c at El Cerrito & she said they learned to not buy too much, so stock up El Cerrito folks!

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        Freeze cranberries you're not going to use ASAP. They get a kind of white mold that tastes like some liquid antibiotic I took as a child if they're allowed to sweat too much, too long.