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Dec 28, 2011 07:58 PM

Liquid Crème Fraiche?

I have a french recipe that calls for "liquid" crème fraiche . . . the type I can buy is not liquid - it is semi-solid - a bit thicker than sour cream. Does anyone one know what the liquid version is? How would one approximate it?

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  1. Heavy cream or manufacturers cream is usable depending on the fat content.

    1. This is a new one for me. All I can think is that the recipe calls for using heated creme fraiche first; it will liquify. If that's not it, perhaps thin it slightly with some heavy cream. What is the recipe for?

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      1. re: bushwickgirl

        Did some Googling . . . French Wikipedia suggests it is "crème fleurette", which has a very different fat content than regular crème fraîche (20%, as opposed to 40%).

        On-line discussions are far from conclusive:

        I found a blog belonging to the author of the cook-book in question, and wrote to her . . . will post her reply, if I get one.

      2. It gets confusing -- the term can be used for either "fresh cream" (the literal translation) or the sour-cream-ish thick stuff.

        If it says "crème fraiche liquide" in the recipe, then they mean the heavy-cream version. Fleurette is available in higher fat contents in France.

        1. what kind of recipe is it? u can probably use the thick creme fraiche or use heavy cream instead

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          1. re: L987

            It is a clafouti recipe from a book called Flans, Fars, et Clafoutis, published by Marabout. I have always improvised, and results have never been bad, but I wanted clarification, since the consistency is so different from one substitute to another. Also, I didn't want to lose the sour aspect of the crème fraiche, which is not present in regular cream.

            At any rate, the author, , wrote back, and says:
            "j'essaierai de mélanger votre crème fraîche à du lait pour obtenir
            une crème moins riche, je ferrai 1/3 de lait et 2/3 de crème ... si j'habitais Montréal!"

            "I would try mixing crème fraiche with milk to obtain a less rich cream, 1/3 milk, and 2/3 crème fraiche"

            That's what i will do . . .

            By the way, her blog:

            1. re: GhostHound

              this is pretty much what I was going to say, though you may not really need as much as 1/3 milk... I remember once stirring less than a tablespoon of maple syrup into a tub of creme fraiche and it going completely liquid on me. Unfortunately that was not what I was going for. :)

              1. re: ca262626

                Ah-ha . . thanks . . . I will proceed slowly.