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Breakfast for 4 at Shopsin's

Four of us are meeting at Shopsin's for breakfast. We intent to order one dish each and share. Would anyone like to craft our breakfast of four dishes for us? Thanks hounds!

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  1. I would probably do:
    1. Sliders with carmelized onions
    2. Glazed maple donuts
    3. Mac and cheese pancakes (though if you're my husband, you get the Capt'n J or Mo'Jemima)
    4. one of the Petes

    I haven't been as impressed with the Blisters on My Sisters, but if sounds good to you, that could be something for your fourth dish, swapped out for the Pete.

    Shopsin's General Store
    120 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

    1. Thanks Kathryn! I'm thinking we'll definitely do a Pete and pancakes (either Mac N Cheese or Slutty). I think it might be early for sliders... we're meeting at 9AM. Not that it's any heavier than everything else, but I can't wrap my head around burgers for breakfast. Maybe a different sandwich? I've never had the donuts... that might be just the thing!

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        Their sliders are great. Not to be missed. Maybe order the Castles, which have cheese and egg on them?

        Note that there are three kinds of Slutty Cakes:
        1 pumpkin, peanut butter, pistachios, cinnamon
        2 banana, pistachio butter, peanuts, brown sugar
        3 kaya, peanut butter, cashews, blackberry glaze

      2. Huh, are those last two options new? My instinct is to go for the classic pumpkin, but maybe time to try something new. I don't even know what kaya is!

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          Yes--noticed the Slutty Cakes #2 and #3 only on my last visit a week ago.

          Kaya is apparently a sweet coconut egg jam.

        2. with the pancakes, you can get a half order of each, so do the slutty pancakes and mac and cheese to try it. btw, maple syrup+their hot sauce+mac and cheese pancakes=awesome

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            > maple syrup+their hot sauce+mac and cheese pancakes=awesome

            Agreed! Definitely ask for their hot sauce. I also like the fact that they give you a mini bottle of grade A maple syrup (not pancake syrup).

            1. Just want to add some love for the "Mo's" - a bacon & egg sandwich using mac n' cheese pancakes for bread. ("Mo Betta" = scrambled, "Mo Jemima" = poached, IIRC.)

              Possibly unhealthier than a KFC Double Down, but way more delicious.

              Also worthy of note are some of his sandwiches - I especially like anything involving lamb. The "Jihad Boy" and "Calcutta" are two favorites.

              1. Thanks for all the suggestions, folks.

                Ok, i officially am in love with Kenny Shopsin. What a meal. We got the original slutty cakes, which were amazing as always. My friend ordered the Bingo, which I protested, but wound up loving. Who would ever think of putting brussels sprouts on a sandwich? But the real winner was the Harpo Blisters on My Sisters. That was revelatory, just incredible. I love the earthy, almost crude quality of Kenny's creations, and that dish typified that perfectly. Kale, caramelized onions, brussels sprouts, eggs and cheese. I wished I didn't have to share! The one clinker for me was the Castles. The thick scrambled eggs detracted from the slider for me and it just did nothing for me. Though I want to have the sliders with onions some other time.

                I do want to try the Jihad Boy, and the Mo 'Jemima. And everything else on the menu!!

                Shopsin's General Store
                120 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

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                  Glad you had a good time! Should have ordered the regular sliders! :)

                  1. re: kathryn

                    Yup, should have! Next time. Luckily I don't live anywhere near Shopsin's, I'd be there every day if I did.

                    1. re: luckiestduck

                      went there for the first time Saturday 12/31. I am also in love with the food and place although I was a little afraid of being kicked out. Had the mac and cheese pancakes and my husband had the bastard. Incredibly good food. Thought I might have seen Tina Wong aka the Wandering Eater there. Is there anyone out there to confirm this?

                2. How bad is the wait at Shopsin's? Is it a go first thing or never? Thinking to go on a Sunday (far in the future), but have an event the night before which will be late... was hoping to plop my name down and wander the market while we wait...

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                    How many people will you be? They don't have very many tables. Three stools at the counter, maybe 3 2-tops and 2 4-tops? It really depends who is in front of you. The wait was 1.5 hours on a recent Saturday at 11:30am for 3 people (it was shorter for 2 people) and they cut the line off at 1:45pm or so.

                    1. re: kathryn

                      Ah! So last seating is about 2pm, not that they're closed at 2pm. Okay, that's useful to know. I was thinking of a later lunch, wander the market, [insert some sight-seeing time-killer here], then off to EWR for 6p. Nice 'n' Leisurely.

                      I imagine it would be for 2 people. Could be just me. Not sure what my travelling companion will want to participate in. Given that I'm 2 or less, I think we should be okay if I drop my name down by 11:30a.

                      As a back-up plan, are there enough things to eat/see at Essex Market? If not, Balthazar for brunch perhaps..!

                    2. re: jlunar

                      I don't think you can put your name on a list. People stand in line, from what I have observed. I've never waited, myself, but I've gone at noon-ish on a weekday.

                      1. re: small h

                        Hmn... gotta sit there, eh? I suppose I could bring a book - is it nice to sit around there? Or painful?

                        1. re: jlunar

                          You stand in line along a ledge. Every once in a while, the server comes back out to check on you and your party size. He doesn't take any names. Just remembers what you look like and your party size.

                          1. re: jlunar

                            You can keep busy memorizing the names, descriptions and prices of all the cheeses sold at Saxelby's. Because that's what you'll be looking at. Depending on how interested you are in cheese (I myself am very interested in it), this may be a pleasant diversion.

                            1. re: jlunar

                              Will keep these notes in mind for the wait. Thanks Kathryn and small h! Much appreciated.