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Dec 28, 2011 04:55 PM

SS Baking trays seen on dDDD -Save-On BC episode for shallow baking

On a recent DDD show BC Chef had some terrific shallow SS baking trays for hamburgers and turkey pot pies that appeared to be medical instrument trays but smaller than 1/8 biscuit trays. Internet search hasn't been useful. Am looking for SS trays that are shallow and about 9x5x1/8 in stainless. Probably medical so the won't bend like cookie pans. Any ideas other than are useful......

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  1. you could e-mail them and ask what type of trays they use and where they get them...

    but it sounds like you want a commercial *aluminum* quarter-size sheet pan or heavy-gauge cookie sheet...

    1. Chef Leizert emailed me back: Thanks..I just buy those pans in China town here in Vancouver..


      jason leizert

      The hunt continues for medical SS pans for oven use!