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Dec 28, 2011 04:49 PM

Recommendations for birthday dinner

We will be taking my sister-in-law(husband's sister) and her husband out for a birthday celebration next week. They are not very adventurous eaters (steak, some seafood and Italian are their mainstays), but my husband and I are. Since the Melting Pot near them has closed (their choice every year) we finally get a chance to broaden their horizons a little and I would love some recommendations. As always any advice is appreciated!

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  1. Definitely, go to Gino's!

    1. I guess it would help if I stated where! We will be visiting our family in Tampa next week and I would definitely appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!

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        Tampa is a little vague, specifically where?

      2. They live in te Westchase area and usually frequent Clearwater/Dunedin since that is where they grew up. Geographically we'd open to anywhere from Clearwater/Palm Harbor to downtown/South Tampa. I was thinking maybe Kona Grill or a brazilian steakhouse since it would be familiar enough for them but not something they would chose on thier own.