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Dec 28, 2011 04:29 PM

One Place to Go for Breakfast if Stopping Through San Diego

I have seen some of the other threads. Was hoping everyone could help me out. Driving from the south back to northern california. Need THE ONE BREAKFAST to go to as an out of towner. Want all the usual choices - eggs, pancakes, etc.

Nothing fancy, but also I am not bargain hunting so don't care about $4 pancakes, would rather have the BEST pancakes or eggs or etc.

Want to sit down. With the fam. For one more request, maybe something by La Jolla/the ocean would be nice...


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  1. The Cottage in La Jolla has good breakfast items, great patio also.

    Park house Eatery in Univ Hgt's also nice.

    1. A truly San Diego experience and breakfast with a close up view of the ocean is available at Kono's in Pacific Beach at Crystal Pier.

      1. In Pacific Beach, Isabel's Cantina has good food, a variety of pancakes and is an easy 3 block walk to the beach. I just had their Carnitas Stack (carnitas on top of potatoes, beans, cheese, jalapenos, avocado sauce, and salsa) last week and it was _good_. On weekends brunch at JRDN in the Tower23 hotel is nice and has a view (they don't serve breakfast).

        Agree with the Cottage in LJ -- good food and cute. There is a wait later in the morning on weekends.

        Would steer you away from Kono's (the breakfast rec that always brings me out of the woodwork). They are a classic, they have an outdoor dining area that has an amazing view, and the food is cheap, but unless gut bombing portions of greasy eggs and potatoes are your thing they just don't have very good food.

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          Big thumbs up 2nd on Isabel Cantina. Consistently excellent breakfasts that seem to include all the usual suspects but with some fun variations.

          Nine-Ten in La Jolla also does a nice breakfast at very reasonably prices. I know we talk a lot about them for dinner, but don't overlook breakfast here; it was a pleasant surprise to me

        2. If not The Cottage, then try Brockton Villa at La Jolla Cove. It's location can't be beat.

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            I'd pass on BV, yes the location is great with a view but, aside from the coast toast, the rest of the menu is forgetable and very pricey.

          2. You won't find "one place" that stands above the rest - all the places have their fans.

            In addition to the Cottage in La Jolla, you will find a lot of fans of the Coffee Cup, as well as Harry's Coffee Shop.

            How stuck are you on La Jolla? You might find a few alternatives offered in Del Mar, La Jolla, or points north. Or maybe not. I don't think a lot of regulars here make a lot of trips to the breakfast joints (and are often passing on word of mouth), but I could be wrong about that.

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              +1 on Coffee Cup. Their menu is similar to Isabel's Cantina.
              Skip Brockton Villa.
              Nine-Ten does a good breakfast in a more upscale kind of way.
              If you're in Del Mar, Pacifica Breeze Cafe is pretty good. All outdoor seating, so if it's a foggy, drizzly day, it can get cold out there.