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Dec 28, 2011 03:44 PM

Holiday Entertaining, TUS to Tubac

What has been your experience over the Holidays (Thanksgiving - NYE) for dining or takeout.

For a number of years, we have hosted traditional holiday dinners, (Thanksgiving and Christmas) for 8 - 12 friends. But after this year, damissus and I have concluded that the pain in our backs, legs and feet just do not justify the experience (we are in our mid 70's). Two to three days of food prep, and another day or two of cleaning and scrubbing are getting to us.

So......Have you had a CH experience lately for a holiday dinner, either at a restuarant that was memorable, or a takeout dinner, generally from a grocery store in our environs. What has been your experience, good or bad, Our guests generally do not have price limitations, and we can "subsidize" those who are on limited incomes, so cost is a secondary consideration.

There has to be a relief to our pain.


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  1. I hope somebody answers, I'm curious myself. I spent two days cooking and two more cleaning and made everything from scratch and the only thing anybody's going to remember is that the fried shallots on top of the green bean dish caught fire when I tried to crisp them up under the broiler.

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      Since my initial post, I've visited with two friends who aproached the holiday meal from two perspectives. The first, a recent widower, who confesses openly that "a cook`I will never be" hosted children and grandchildren for Thanksgiving with a takeout turkey meal from our local Safeway. He was well satisfied with the quality and quantity.

      Another friend and her husband have celebrated Christmas Day at the Arizona Inn for several years. Cost is relatively high, ordering off the menu vs the buffet. Cost was $65 pp, + wine, T & T. Service, ambiance and food quality were top notch. Good value, in her opinion, and she can leave the cooking and clean-up to the restaurant staff.

      I'll keep checking around with friends, and suggest you do too, and add further posts as info comes in.

      Meanwhile, I hope others will chime in with their or friends' experiences.