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Dec 28, 2011 03:01 PM

Help me pick good/affordable knife set: Calphalon Comtemporary set vs. Wusthof Classic 9 piece block

Hi there,

I am registering for a knife set (I have no good ones to speak of). I want to have a good quality set but feel like I cannot ask for anything over 200-300.

Option one is the Calphalon Contemporary 17 Piece Block Set, which is $200 at Crate an Barrel

Option two is the Wusthof Classic 9 Piece Block Set, which is $300 at Williams-Sonoma

Help : )

Any thoughts would be very appreciated. Thank you so much!

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  1. Do we have to have a set? Won't it be nicer to have one really high quality Chef's knife or Santoku and keep the rest on a budget price?

    To answer your specific question, if I am limited to these two choices, I would go with Wusthof.

    1. I would go with the Wusthof over the Calphalon, but if you have not held the Wusthof Ikon in your hand, I would go to a store and give that a try, I love the Ikon handle. I might also go with single items or a smaller set unless you definitely want the block and those particular sized knives.
      I still have my starter set of Wusthof knives and they must be 30 years old now.

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        Thanks very much. That is helpful!

      2. This is what I have and I love them. Bought them a few years ago and they were affordable. Apparently they are pretty sought after and some sellers are now asking for $400+ for these sets. That's CRAZY. They are beautiful pieces of cutlery IMO.

        I also have the steak knives, a chef knife, santoku, and carving set from this line. Been kicking myself that I didn't buy the whole set because it is GORGEOUS!

        Most of this stuff is hard to find now but not impossible. I can't comment on a Wusthof as I've never been crazy about them and haven't given them a fair shot.

        1. I recommend buying individual Wusthof Classic knives - buy the sizes you would most use. I have had mine for up to 35 years and still going strong!

          1. I agree with Ruth 53. I'm not really a fan of sets. I have Wusthofs. One chefs knive, one paring knife, one Santoku knife (which was a gift, I didnt look to buy it myself), and a boning knife. Also a sharpening steel which doesn't have to be Wusthof. bought a block to hold them along the way, but the total cost of it all comes no where what a set would be. Really dont need anything else which would come in the set.