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Dec 28, 2011 02:55 PM

bridal shower lunch in downtown dallas

hi all!

i am planning a quick girls-get together the day before my cousin's wedding in january. we are going to the spa at the omni hotel in downtown dallas (555 lamar street) around 10-12ish, and were hoping to do lunch afterwards.

since i am not from around tx (i'm from philly)...thoughts on any cute places for lunch in that area for us to go out to after the spa? something light yet delicious? otherwise, i'm also open to options in plano, too (closer to where the bride lives.)

someone reccomended hattie's...any thoughts on that?

thanks so much for your help!!

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  1. Hattie's serves wonderful upscale, southern specialties in a bright, airy surrounding. My only complaint is always the acoustical problems - it's very loud.

    I'd suggest adding Rise No1 to your list of consideration. Sweet and savory souffles, and other delectables are on the menu - the bistro atmosphere more relaxed and personal. Located in Inwood Village, aunique blend of shopping is available following lunch.

    1. Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus is a good place for a ladies lunch....downtown on Commerce.

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        awesome, thanks hounds! i'll definitely check these places out. what do you think of Salum?

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            Salum is wonderful. They would be on your way from downtown to Plano. I would recommend that you look at NOSH. They have just opened a Plano location and I would be surprised if they couldn't exceed all expectations.

            If you are more interested in finding a downtown/uptown location you should check out Parigi. I did a ladies lunch there before I got married and we had a great time. Have fun!

          2. re: pepper131

            I second Zodiac - it's not too far from the Omni and great for a ladies lunch. The kind of place you'd want to go after getting pampered.

            If there's a small group of you then I'd also recommend The Cedars Social which is just a little further south from the Omni on Lamar Street. I'm not sure if they do weekday lunch, but they do have a good weekend brunch and great cocktails. It's a small room though so I wouldn't suggest this place if there's more than 6 of you.

            Salum is delicious, but not very close to the Omni. If you're willing to go all the way there, then you could consider Arcodoro & Pomodoro in Crescent Court which is closer (in uptown).

            How many of you are there and what's your price range? Weekend or weekday?