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Dec 28, 2011 02:07 PM

Tandoori-New Pakistani/Indian restaurant in Woonsocket, RI

Just saw this place. Anyone been?

The menu specifies only 'halal' meats.

Open since May. They are still there so that's something.

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  1. Before you go, think twice. Or three times. Or four.

    It looked like we took the owners by surprise by walking in the door and actually wanting to eat there. My odd-colored (pinkish) Tikka Masala had a wide circle of grease around it. My husband's dinner contained miscellaneous, unknown "chicken" parts. Our table was sticky. Our meal arrived with no silverware, and when we asked for some, the waiter gave us a large handful of plastic forks. No knives. Had to ask twice for our drinks. There was a totally unexpected (working) bathroom sink / vanity against one wall, approx 5 feet from our table. Hand soap dispenser on the wall.

    For some reason, we decided to bring home the leftover Tikka Masala, and asked to have it packed up. Instead, the waiter brought a styrofoam container to the table and left it for us to do the packing. Since there weren't any decent utensils to help with the transfer, we had to tip the plate and aim carefully. Which might explain the pre-existing table stickiness.

    I reheated the Tikka Masala at work the next day for lunch. It looked horrible, and someone asked me what on earth it was. When I told him, he said "Really?? It's not supposed to be that color." I threw most of it out. Let's just say it didn't hold up well.

    My husband and I have eaten a lot of Indian food over the years and this is pretty low on the food chain. If you want much better Indian food, try Taste of India on Wickenden Street in Providence.

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      Yeah- agreed. No good, although I wanted it to be. For Indian we love Rasoi in Pawtucket.