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Dec 28, 2011 01:46 PM

Alexandria, VA suggestions?

Thinking about a weekend getaway to Alexandria, VA...probably staying in Old Town. I haven't been in ages - any good recommendations? I'm a strict vegetarian but husband will eat pretty much anything (I'm not high-maintenance - a good salad and sides are fine for me so husband can enjoy a good meaty meal), we're open to all ethnic options (except Indian) and we prefer places that are casual and low-key (read: don't want to pack a dress and heels).


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  1. There's La Tasca, a spanish tapas bar -- the food that I've had at the Alexandria location has been much more consistent than the other locations.

    You will get a lot more suggestions for this area if you post your request on the Washington DC & Baltimore Area board, good luck!

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      Thanks for the suggestion FFS! I'll repost over there.