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Dec 28, 2011 12:20 PM

Cape Cod Best Restaurant?

I want to take my mom to a great restaurant for lunch on her 75th birthday this weekend. We have been to many restaurants on the Cape but I wanted to ask if I have missed any. Besides the lunch restriction and being off season, we need to stay middle of the Cape (Falmouth is too far west and P-town is too far east). Any recommendations? Chillingsworth is closed for the season. Ocean House, the Regatta, and the Red Pheasant don't serve lunch. We've done Daniel Webster, Brewster Fish House, Barley Neck Inn a bunch of times. Right now Bleu and Trevi in Mashpee Commons are on my potential list.

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  1. I haven't been since March, but Bleu was very nice. French Bristro style, little pricy, but the Chef is pretty good (Feufeu is the name). I wouldn't hesitate to go back next time i'm in the area.

    1. You'll get more replies if you post this same query on the So. New England board. That said, off-season lunches that are truly special are hard to find. Not a fan of Bleu myself. Never tried Trevi. How about Alberto's in Hyannis? Broad menu, white linens, quality ingredients that are prepared well.

      1. Don't know if Mom likes Japanese, but I have a high opinion of Inaho in Yarmouth Port.

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          Inaho doesn't do lunch. Only sushi worth eating at lunch is Asia in Mashpee Commons. They also do Chinese and Korean pretty well.

        2. easy to get to, and easy pick -- Pain d'Avignon in Hyannis, near the airport. We like it for dinner, but will admit that the vibe may work better for people at lunch (the space is in a corner of their enormous bakery; it is nicely finished as a bistro, but it's still an industrial neighborhood). They stay plenty busy in the off season. Their food is easily as good as, and probably better than any of the places you mentioned.

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          1. re: cape year rounder

            Service at lunch though is surley at best, and generally non-existant most days. I find that the evening menu far outshines the lunch menu anyway. I can do without an attitude when I have to order at a counter, wait 30 minutes for a small, expensive sandwich, and have it delivered like they are doing me a favor.I do enjoy it for dinner, however, but it's an entirely different restaurant and vibe then.

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              agree with you. attitude during the day is awful, much nicer at night. if it wasn't so good would not be back during day. I have been going to the bakery part since their days in downtown hyannis.