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Dec 28, 2011 12:08 PM

CHALLENGE - possible to make a terrine or pate with leftover cooked duck and ham, plus raw livers?

I have the following left over from a Christmas feast and was wondering if I can put them together to form a terrine or pate. I realize that such things are usually constructed from raw ingredients but something tells me I should be able to make something serviceable with the below. Any thoughts?

* 1 Cooked duck breast (whole)

* 1 lb of cooked duck meat (stripped from the carcasses)

* 1 lb of cooked (non-smoked) Virginia Ham (a very good one)

* 2 RAW duck livers

* Plenty of duck fat and duck stock in the fridge

* Various jams and jellies in the larder if needed

Also, I don't have a food processor, - just a blender to mix the ingredients.

Is this possible or should I just construct something else with the leftovers? Any advice much appreciated!

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  1. Sure you can do it with most of the ingredients you listed. Not sure about the jams and jellies having never included them myself. I made a pate over the December holidays that used pork and chicken livers (raw) plus cooked ham and raw veal strips. Came out wonderfully. You can find some nice recipes by googling Jacque Pepin and or Julia Child. As for the lack of food processor, I hand cut the pork liver using my knife; i used the whole lobes of chicken livers after marinating them in pineau de charentes. You can use your blender BUT be sure to only put small amts of ingredients in at a time or the bottom goods will be emulsified before the top has completed. HTH!

    1. I would google around for recipes. I would be inclined to use half of your meats and livers to make a terrine, then you can adjust if necessary with the second half. I would probably chop the assorted duck and the ham fairly finely and combine with the liver (also chopped finely), some minced onion that had been sauteed till translucent and then doused with cognac (or lesser brandy) and flamed, an egg, a bit of duck fat (although you might be better off with some chopped bacon), a bit of duck stock to replace the moisture that would be in raw meat, and some seasonings: maybe thyme or juniper berries, salt and pepper. I'm guessing that is roughly what you will find by googling. The duck breast I would cut into strips and arrange decoratively in the middle. You could also add pistachios, currants, or cut-up dried apricots or prunes (one or two, not all) to the meat mixture. A loaf pan works great for terrines, put in it a bain marie, cover with foil, and be sure to weight the thing when it comes out of the oven, you can cut a piece of cardboard just to fit inside the loaf pan and put cans of beans or soup or whatever on top. If you do experiment, please come back and tell us how it came out!

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        Hunh, and this article has some great tips for repurposing cooked meats and says you should chop not grind them and combine cooked meat with raw. Meatballs are not so very different from terrine, n'est-ce pas?