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Dec 28, 2011 11:59 AM

Lunch on Mainline: Ardmore, not too Far Out

Could use your help--mainline area not familiar territory for eating. No Chinese,Mexican or Indian; good fish preferred; quiet a must, price not an object. Friend does not eat chicken or meat out.

What can you suggest?

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  1. A la Maison in Ardmore has seafood crepes as well as seafood main dishes for lunch. White Dog Cafe in Wayne also has several seafood dishes on their lunch menu (trout and cod).

    1. Sola in Bryn Mawr......right on Lancaster Avenue right outside of Ardmore.

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        A La Maison had too many of my favorite shellfish items on menu; I got excited about Sola,
        but boo hoo, it is not open for lunch! I can't eat shellfish in front of this friend who is Kosher
        observant, so please keep other possibles flowing for lunch. I know there are a lot of places that look inviting, but do want to check out menus. Wayne is a tad far out for me.

      2. I second the recommendation for A la Maison. I like it a lot for lunch (don't forget quarters for the meters). Two more upscale alternatives are Pescatore in Bala Cynwyd and Savona in Gulph Mills. You might also consider Tango, near the Bryn Mawr train station.

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          Pescatore is not open for lunch unfortunately.

          Not sure if 333 Belrose could work or not. I've never had it for lunch, but I have for dinner and it was very good. Atmosphere is also quiet (If I remember correctly). There is also Mediterranean Grill which is Persian food, but does not have fish (seafood) and more towards vegetarian for the non-meat eater.

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            I'd second the Mediterranean Grill in Bryn Mawr. I took some kosher types there recently and they were quite happy with the selection.

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              Are you sure about Pescatore not being open for lunch? I had lunch there last week.