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For 2012 I Hereby Resolved to...

* Have friends over for dinner more oftren

* Cook at least 5 dishes from each new cookbook I buy

* Plant part of my front yard with edibles...herbs, lettuce, blueberries

* Try my hand at some infused alcohols

* Eat my way through Tijuana, Ensenada and the Valle de Guadalupe

* Lose 20 more pounds to go along with the 20 I've already lost (Medifast works <gg>)

Those are my food related resolutions, what are yours?

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  1. Keep off the 30 pounds I lost by still cooking like mad but keeping the rich dishes as an occasional dish, not a regular in meal rotation.

    Expand my bread baking beyond my short repertoire of no-knead, pizza dough, and my standard multigrain loaf.

    Finally master rolling out pie dough. Such a simple task but I struggle to maintain consistent thickness throughout.

    1. Eat at a new restaurant at least once a month. I live near Charleston-so may choices!

      1. Start cooking from the expansive collection of cookbooks which I already have, instead of buying MORE!

        Cancel my subscription to Food Network Magazine (it was a weak moment)

        Find ways to be more frugal with food… not cheap frugal

        Eat less meat. (though I’ll have a hard time getting the rest of the family on board with this)

        Get to the Farmers Market in season every weekend… no sleeping in and buying from the grocery store!

        Right away, my first resolution is to start cooking out of the deep freezer. I need to make room for my next resolution.

        Buy more produce in season to last me through the winter: learn to can/preserve

        1. Eat more french fries, learn to make cheesecake and hone my knife skills

              1. Cook more & rely less on takeout.....no excuses on "I just don't feel like it!"

                Relearn how to make bread (haven't made homemade in YEARS!)

                Be more organized in my pantry/freezer/refrigerator....

                1. Plant an herb garden

                  Increase the number of meatless meals we eat during any given week

                  Get better at making flour tortillas

                  Teach my daughter to cook

                  Support as much as I can our local food scene

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                      Chorizo is easy. Diana Kennedy's book "The Art of Mexican Cooking" has 2 recipes, one for red and one for green. I like the green better, but either can be 1) made into patties rather than frozen, 2) stuffed into casings and it freezes beautifully.

                      1. re: DiningDiva

                        Thanks, I haven't started looking for recipes yet. It's a new thought/desire of mine.

                  1. To increase my growing space so we can supply 75% of our produce ourselves (I already grow in the front yard as well as the side and back! I don't have room for fruit trees so we still have to buy those,) and to grow some new varieties (I already grow some unusual varieties I can't find locally but am adding fenugreek this year and want to add at least 3 more new things.) Having new exciting ingredients helps push me to try new cuisines/ recipes/ experiments and ideas.

                    I also want to learn canning.

                    1. Expand my garden to produce and can more of my own food - last year was a pitiful year for my garden.

                      Eat through whatever is in the freezer (kind of scary)

                      Less waste, more meals prepared at home (see above - full freezer)

                      Use all of the chicken, duck and turkey eggs my flocks produce - the extras are going to co-workers now

                      Read Chowhound more often for inspiration.

                      1. Try and cook at least 1-2 new dishes every week. I have a few cookbooks I bought (and tend to buy) mostly for the purty pics, but then never bother to look at them again.

                        I'm not a recipe person. I just make stuff. But I'd like to expand my repertoire a bit, and trying new dishes is fun.

                        1. Clean my s**t hole of a garage! (I guess it's food related because I've got a freezer in there)

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                            Ha- me too. And keep my knives sharper. I need to find the rest of the Lansky knife sharpening kit that's around here somewhere, probably in my s**thole garage.

                            1. re: EWSflash

                              I resolved to sharpen my knives, did so yesterday, and promptly sliced the side of my thumb with the sharper-than-expected paring knife. Ouch. I was busy lecturing my son on how to cut green onions and got distracted from my own duties.

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                              Because we were forced to (storing a couple of family members' cars), we cleaned our s••thole garage back in June. So one of my resolutions is to (1) get a freezer in there - just a small chest type - and (2) start using that FoodSaver thing I bought a year ago so I can freeze stuff right. Resolution #3 is another purchase, a composter. Just throwing my potato peels and stuff into the bamboo bed is not an adequate conservation effort …

                            3. Mine are all about planning and preparing: Plan meals for the week, make a list and grocery shop every weekend, prepare kids' lunches in advance, prepare dinner components in batches and store them in the fridge to speed up meal prep, bring lunch more often. We haven't yet adjusted to our new schedule with a (now not-so) new baby -- it's time!

                              1. *Eat a healthy breakfast at home, rather than buying coffee and a pastry.
                                *Eat more fruit and veggies
                                *Continue the neverending search for healthy and quick weeknight recipes that my picky eaters will enjoy.

                                1. I am surprised at how many people mentioned bread making. That is my resolution to master baking with yeast. Other than no-brainer bread machine bread, I have never felt comfortable around yeast. I habitually ignore recipes that even mention it. LOL. Can anyone here help me overcome this fear?

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                                    keep doing it until you get it right. Read online about it. You'll get there, I feel certain.

                                  2. 1. Each week take a different cookbook off the shelf and cook at least 1 recipe in it that I have not cooked before.
                                    2. Stop eating cheese, again. And so loose those 20 pounds, again.
                                    3. Eat more raw vegetables.
                                    4. Buy less food from supermarkets.

                                    1. not buy any prepared salad dressings or soups

                                      1. Make better use of my CSA boxes, eat less meat, become better versed in gluten-free baking, cook much more Mexican food.

                                        1. I'm keeping these small-ish because I have a lot of non-food related goals. I like the idea of having a goal related to cookbooks. I'm stealing Peg's word for word.

                                          1. Each week take a different cookbook off the shelf and cook at least 1 recipe in it that I have not cooked before.
                                          2. Reduce my meat consumption (I went way overboard in 2011, my first year as an omnivore in 20+ years)
                                          3. Make homemade sausage at least once
                                          4. Do at least a bit of canning
                                          5. Reduce food waste
                                          6. Lose 10 pounds (which will necessitate another year of NOT returning to baking my own bread)

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                                          1. re: debbiel

                                            I'm honoured to be quoted!
                                            This week I'll be using Leith's Contemporary Cooking, a book given to me by a dear departed friend that I have kept for sentimental reasons.
                                            I think I'll make the chickpea, couscous and toasted seaweed salad. And maybe the potato salad with coconut and chilli.Both cheese-free recipes!

                                            1. re: Peg

                                              I have to get on this for week 1! I've been dining on leftovers much of the week. Tomorrow I have a family gathering, so I'll do something new from that. It's tricky though. This is not the part of the family that appreciates "different." For instance, cranberry salad should be sliced from a can, not created stove top with pears and walnuts. Hummus, feta cheese, goat cheese, these things are bad, too adventurous. Most of my cookbooks will be off limits for this one.

                                              Both of your salads sound wonderful!

                                          2. 1. Eat slowly and mindfully. No more munching in the car or in front of any screen.

                                            2. Branch out into more ethnic foods.

                                            3. Stop talking about people. (Not food related, but I'm determined not to forget this one.)

                                            1. I fairly quickly re-immersed myself into the habit of getting drinks (idced tea, the odd iced latte) from drive-throughs because i was thirsty, then I thought ab out how much it was costimg me to not just hydrate at home before i left. It's a sore spot with me how much iced tea etc. costs when you avail yourself of the outwide stuff. Guess I just outed my cheap streak, but I will say that the large iced latte i got at McD's the other day was pretty damn good.

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                                                I don't think of it as cheap. I think of it as making that money available to use for higher quality food and drinks that I actually enjoy and get nutritional value from.

                                              2. But what I meant to say is I'm cutting it out. It's too easy and too pricey.

                                                1. I too want to try a new recipe each week--this past week it was a Swiss Chard/Ricotta Torta which showed me there was a way to make chard taste very good.

                                                  Continue to go to the Farmers' Market each Tuesday afternoon. And keep buying the fruit there even though it is more expensive--because the flavor is so much better.

                                                  Stick by my decision to have vegetarian meals at least two dinners a week--even though my husband will sneak in a little chopped proscuitto because "it's really not much."

                                                  Eat two pieces of fruit before dinner, knowing I will almost always get two servings of vegs at dinner.

                                                  Continue in my quest for the perfect omelet--no browning of the eggs!

                                                  1. 1) Eat more fruits and veggies
                                                    1a) Try new fruits and veggies so I have more options.
                                                    2) Treat myself to something I've never had before at a restaurant at least once ever couple months.
                                                    3) Find a place with a better kitchen when I finally move.
                                                    4) Learn at least two new ways of cooking beans and rice.

                                                    1. Get the heck out of Texas and back to Louisiana.

                                                      ok and to

                                                      can more

                                                      bake more bread

                                                      finally buy that Electrolux mixer

                                                      1. -Develop some more weeknight standbys
                                                        -Drink more water
                                                        -Drink less soda
                                                        -Get a dishwasher and use less paper
                                                        -Keep losing weight
                                                        -Eat more yogurt

                                                        1. - have people over more often. (and learn to make non-fancy food)
                                                          - eat less, eat better. (less take-out for lunch at work)
                                                          - recycle more
                                                          - eat more fruits (I eat enough vegetables).

                                                          1. Bring snacks from home and stop buying crap from the snack bar at work.