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Dec 28, 2011 11:16 AM

For 2012 I Hereby Resolved to...

* Have friends over for dinner more oftren

* Cook at least 5 dishes from each new cookbook I buy

* Plant part of my front yard with edibles...herbs, lettuce, blueberries

* Try my hand at some infused alcohols

* Eat my way through Tijuana, Ensenada and the Valle de Guadalupe

* Lose 20 more pounds to go along with the 20 I've already lost (Medifast works <gg>)

Those are my food related resolutions, what are yours?

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  1. Keep off the 30 pounds I lost by still cooking like mad but keeping the rich dishes as an occasional dish, not a regular in meal rotation.

    Expand my bread baking beyond my short repertoire of no-knead, pizza dough, and my standard multigrain loaf.

    Finally master rolling out pie dough. Such a simple task but I struggle to maintain consistent thickness throughout.

    1. Eat at a new restaurant at least once a month. I live near Charleston-so may choices!

      1. Start cooking from the expansive collection of cookbooks which I already have, instead of buying MORE!

        Cancel my subscription to Food Network Magazine (it was a weak moment)

        Find ways to be more frugal with food… not cheap frugal

        Eat less meat. (though I’ll have a hard time getting the rest of the family on board with this)

        Get to the Farmers Market in season every weekend… no sleeping in and buying from the grocery store!

        Right away, my first resolution is to start cooking out of the deep freezer. I need to make room for my next resolution.

        Buy more produce in season to last me through the winter: learn to can/preserve

        1. Eat more french fries, learn to make cheesecake and hone my knife skills