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Dec 28, 2011 09:52 AM

Lunch and Dinner Downtown near Aquarium/Centenial Park

Going to spend a weekeday in mid march in dwnt Atlanta. MLK Nat Historic Site then drive over to the Aquarium/World of Coke/Centenial Park area for the rest of the day.

Looking for interesting, excellent food for lunch or dinner. Price doesn't matter and we eat EVERYTHING. Just the best. The more interesting the better. We are a family of four with kids ages 8 and 10 who can eat at the finest restaurants and weird ethnic restaurants . Fine dining with suits and ties wont work though as we will be spending the day walking around in casual clothes. Although we will have a car, I would prefer to walk.

Thank you in advance for recommendations.

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  1. The area that CNN/Aquarium are in is called the Luckie Marietta District or LMD. I'm not very familiar with dining in the area but check out this link for some info.

    I've eaten at Der Biergarten and thought the food was excellent but I thought the restaurant was trying to be a little 'fancier' than a biergarten should be. There's also a Ted's Montana Grill in the area that a lot of poeple like but I haven't personally tried it. McCormick & Schmick's is in CNN Center, been too long since I've eaten there to give a personal review.

    Hopefully others can have some better personal recommendations but there are several choices in the area that should be walkable. Enjoy your stay in Atlanta!

    1. a search here turned this up Ive been to them and like Empire South If price doesnt matter i like Nikolais Roof as well--russian theme and excellnt food, It overlooks the city so is very scenic esp around dusk. Get to Aquarium early--if you go during the week the shcool buses bring in lots of guests after 10AM.If its still cold, theres ice skating in Centennial park. Coke is very commercial, and unless youre a die hard Coke fan, i predict the kids will be pretty bored.A drive out to Stone Mtn would be alot of fun.Also Aquarium now has a dolphin show--you have to sign up for it.And if your scuba qualifed you can swim with the fishes as well

      1. My choices around the Aquarium are either Spoon, which is excellent Thai, or West Egg Cafe (fun brunch place). Both are close by and convenient.
        Or if you are near the MLK area at lunchtime, head over to Fox Bros BBQ. Always crowded, but great. They have this mix of insane mac and cheese and Brunswick Stew which sounds bizarre but is fantastic.
        I think any of these are better than the national chains around CNN--these give you more of a local feel. Have a great time!

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          You could also head north up the west side and do Bocado, Six Feet Under, Yeah Burger, Figo Pasta, Taqueria del Sol (just follow the rules), Antico Pizza, etc.

          Bocado is my fave of the bunch- burgers for whoever wants one and something different for anyone who doesn't. Antico Pizza is very good but there may be a wait. And Taqueria del Sol is militant about their rules/system, so just get in line and order before trying to grab a table (many of our friends refuse to go b/c they tried to grab a seat too early while way pregnant and got yelled at).

          Unless the kids are as into food as you are, Empire State South might be a waste of money. And I haven't been to Nikolai's. Fox Bros = yum, but you'll have to navigate across downtown and out the other side to get to it. Headed that way generally, there's also the Grindhouse at the Sweet Auburn Market.