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Dec 28, 2011 08:39 AM

Lawrence bound

I'm going to Lawrence this Saturday (12/31/11) through Sunday afternoon. I'm looking for recommendations for Saturday night and Sunday brunch. I am having trouble narrowing down from all the choices. Saturday night could be casual or fine, but I worry that reservations might be a problem this late at a fine dining place. Ultimately good food is the most important thing; price, wait, atmosphere, and all the other components are really secondary. By good I mean interesting and well executed, but I'll take well excecuted over interesting. While I know Lawrence has several great Asian places, I'm looking for more of a mod american, italian, maybe mexican place. Really I'm not as picky as this sounds. I just want it to be good (the best) and I'm having a hard time figuring out which place to roll the dice on.

As for Sunday brunch, it should be simply the absolute best (good food) brunch in the Lawrence area (or KC, or anywhere between KC/Lawrence and Omaha) that is open on a Sunday that is also New Year's Day.

Thanks in advance. Even if the date is passed, please make suggestions, I get down to Lawrence occasionally but have really struck out in the places I've been.

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  1. I had some great tacos at Esquina at 801 Mass a couple of weeks ago, and excellent cocktails as well. It's very informal.

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      Thank you! The drink menu looks interesting.

    2. I've enjoyed brunch at 715 on Mass, but it's been over a year, so I can't recommend wholeheartedly. Maybe search for recent reviews? One thing is that the coffee was mediocre, if that's important to you. I've heard that TEN at the Eldridge and Five 21 in the Oread are good, but haven't been to either myself. Pachamama's is usually reliable, though again, I haven't been in a while. Oh, I'm realizing I haven't eaten in Lawrence for a while! I'm not much help at all, but maybe you'll get some leads to check out. Esquina is quite good, though definitely casual. We like Wheatfields for breakfast, but it can be uneven unless you are happy with coffee or tea and a pastry.

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        On the contrary...very helpful. Would Esquina bee too casual for before or after dinner drinks in cocktail attire? I don't want to feel too out of place.

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          Well, you'd mix with people in all sorts of casual dress, but in Lawrence, anything goes, as long as you're comfortable.

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          TEN Is the go to place in Lawrence to get a nice steak dinner. I agree wholeheartedly about Pachamama's - the food is always great and so is the service, and your bill will always be high.

        3. I know it's too late to be of benefit, but Succotash in KC has the best brunch I've ever had. The staff is comprised of art students and the food is purchased from the farmer's market that day. In KC, I go for Zen Zero (Japanese), La Parilla (homestyle latin american food) or the mad greek (greek food with a college town feel) - all three of which are on Mass and easily accessible.