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Dec 28, 2011 08:24 AM

Dry Creek/Alexander recs - need more like Unti, Preston, Coffaro

Hi - my wife and I are going up to stay in Healdsburg for a couple days, and I am looking for more recommendations of places similar to the places i named in the title - smaller, family owned, good wines, with a range of affordable wines (for this i mean mainly below mid $30s). Another thing I like about these wineries is that they make a number of different varietals. Do people have recommendations of other similar wineries they like.

I have read through a number of different archived threads on the boards, and have a couple possibilities on my list already - Seghesio and Rafanelli, so I will probably be checking them out. But what other recommendations do people have?

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  1. Preston is a favorite of ours too. The smaller family-owned winery that immediately comes to mind is Yoakim Bridge - excellent Zinfandels, delightful people, and a great place to visit.


    1. Rafanelli is by appointment only. Don't be put off by the gruff manner of the woman who will answer the phone.

        1. I wish there were more places up there making wines as good and interesting as Unti's.

          The Natural Processs Alliance does, but they're in a Santa Rosa industrial park.

          Salinia Wine/The NPA
          3350 Coffey Ln, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

          1. Seghesio, inside Healdsburg city limits......excellent wines.