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Dec 28, 2011 08:01 AM

Where to buy cotton candy floss sugar in Toronto/mississauga?

Hi everyone, I bought a vintage cotton candy machine online but I dont know where to get the floss sugar.....
I search the amazon and other webpage but I think the delivery charge it too high.
So im wondering if u guys know where to buy the floss sugar in some major superstore like( costco, metro, nofrills or freshco?)
thx a lot

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  1. Either granulated or caster sugar would be used to make candy floss and both are easy to find.

    1. 9 months late, but you could try GNS Party Rental: http://www.party.on.ca/category.php?c...

      They have flavoured sugars that make 60-70 cones for about $15. They're located in Scarborough.