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Dec 28, 2011 07:28 AM

Fun themed restaurants in Atlanta (pref. northern side)?

Looking for some more fun "different" ones like Dante's - or Melting Pot or something Japanese. Something where you can entertain yourself. :)

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  1. Based on the places you mention (Dante's and Melting Pot), you may want to consider Korean BBQ. There are many in town on the northern side. Check various review sites for more info, but I've enjoyed Han Il Kwan myself and it's close to Buford Hwy Farmer's Market so I can get some shopping in too. A beginning list below:

    Han Il Kwan
    5458 Buford Hwy NE

    Honey Pig
    3473 Old Norcross Rd NW

    Iron Age (AYCE)
    2131 Pleasant Hill Rd

    And several more.