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What to do with a lot of Danish blue cheese?

I love blue cheese so my son bought me 1.5 lbs of it for Christmas. :) Does anyone have a recipe that uses a lot of blue cheese? To add to the problem, the other members of my hoiusehold (including the afore mentioned son) do not love blue cheese. Maybe there is something I can make and freeze?

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  1. gougeres with bleu instead of gruyere will freeze quite well. you can also make wee tarts with it along with some caramelized red onions and walnuts. those will also freeze nicely for party snacks.

    bleu pairs nicely with mushrooms, so you could make some phyllo triangles. those also freeze well, cooked or raw.

    there are also some web recipes floating around for pear tarts that use bleu cheese.

    as a last resort, you can portion the stuff up and freeze it as is.

    1. Maybe make a big batch of blue cheese dressing, and stuff some large pitted green olives?
      Blue cheeseburgers, too.

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        Yeah blue cheese dressing was my first thought, as I just recently perfected making it. It's mellower than the cheese on its own, and maybe your household members can deal with that better?

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          Yup, I've formed blue cheeseburgers, and froze 'em (still raw), and they cooked up beautifully.

      2. I made some blue cheese and pistachio shortbreads that were a huge hit. The recipe is for gorgonzola, but Danish blue worked beautifully.


        1. "grown up" grilled cheese--blue cheese and sorrel, grilled with lots of butter, on a sturdiy artisan bread. serve with soup of your choice. you have to have guests who like blue cheese, though.

          1. One way I have been able to convert Blue Cheese haters is serve it with a little bit of honey... And I love the blue cheese honey rolls I get at the Japanese market. Here's a recipe that can be frozen...



            1. Danish blue freezes as it is just fine. Probably best to divide up into (say) 4oz portions and wrap in foil.

              1. Thanks for all the ideas! Last night we had BLT's with blue cheese. They were really good. The family is warming up to blue cheese but can't handle large quantities. My son tried a sliver on it's own and loved it but by the end of the BLTBlue he had had enough. Baby steps.

                1. Bleu cheese and bacon sauce over linguine is divine...

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                    Yum. I love pasta with a blue cheese sauce, and the bacon must put it over the top.

                    Another simple appetizer is to stuff some figs with a bit of blue and then wrap them in prosciutto and grill or broil them. Delicious.

                    A simple salad of greens with sauteed pears, toasted walnuts, blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette is delicious.

                    Buffalo chicken fingers with blue cheese dressing are always welcome in my house.

                    Steak with blue cheese butter is great, as is a burger with a little on top.

                    Cobb salad is a good choice since people can assemble their own and take as much or little as they like.

                  2. Blue cheese cheesecake.
                    Blue cheese rice balls
                    Added to any meat ball
                    Stuffed in chicken or turkey cutlets
                    Added to mac and cheese

                    all of which can be prepared ahead and frozen to enjoy later.

                    1. Blue cheese scones are killer.

                      1. I hosted a Czech couple a few years back and they made a lovely baked pasta dish with elbow macaroni, fresh tomatoes, Danish blue, and cheddar cheeses. They made it sort of like German spaetzle---cook the noodles first, then layer the cheeses, tomato, and perhaps a top layer of gently sauteed onion.

                        It was delicious!----don't have a recipe but i think you could use whatever you like and it would be yummy.

                        1. I love really sharp cheddar that will kick you in the nuts before you swallow; barnyardy goat cheese; and supersharp tangy feta; but blue cheese is just too rich for me in large quantities.

                          That said, I do love it. Transplant's shortbread recipe sounds lovely, and I know that variants of this have been posted:


                          1. Here's a dish I love from Allrecipes for Pork chops with blue cheese gravy. Rich and comforting.


                            It's great with mashed potatoes or pasta on the side to soak up the yummy gravy.

                            1. Parsnip & Carrot Gratin with Blue Cheese

                              Try this gratin, crawfish, and definitely anyone else who adores blue cheese! This was a new one for Christmas dinner this year and it was boisterously and unanimously approved as a keeper. Granted, we are blue cheese fans, but the cheese doesn't overpower the other flavors. Rather, it provides a striking contrast to the slight sweetness and toastiness of the vegetables.

                              I cut parsnips and carrots (2 1/4 pound each, but that made an enormous quantity) as thinly as possible (1/8 inch? or 1/4 inch? no mandolin yet) and layered them in a 9 x 13 with salt, pepper, and a dash or two of dried thyme. Pour 1 cup homemade broth and 2 1/2 cup heavy cream over the vegetables. Cook at 425 for 35 minutes. Sprinkle your blue cheese all over the top. Pop back in the oven and cook about 10 to 15 minutes longer. Cool a little before serving. It will be liquidy.... great for dipping bread!