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Dec 28, 2011 06:08 AM

Best Cab Blends Under 100

I have a blind wine tasting in a few days. My friends tend to like the big reds. Usually, Cab based blends. Some wines that they drink are Rubicon, Phelps, Opus etc....

I want a great bottle of wine for near 100 dollars that will open well and should hold its own in a blind tasting.

I do not care if the bottle is 35 or 125....

Who can help?


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  1. Anderson's Conn Valley Eloge will be beat all mentioned above. If you can find a 2004 decant two hours and serve.

    1. I work in a shop specializing in wines which have been rated 90 points or better by the major wine reviewers. Within this mandate we still find many bargains. Some of the wines which fit your description include:

      • From Napa, the '08 Conn Valley "Right Bank", the '06 Palazzo, the '08 Gemstone Facets, and '07 Bacio Divino;
      • From South Africa, '08 De Toren Fusion V, '06 Glen Carlou Grand Classique;
      • From Argentina, '06 VistAlba Corte B and '07 Renacer Enamor;
      • From France, '04 Clos Les Lunelles, '05 Ch. Haut-Bergey Pessac-Leognan, '05 Ch. Haut-Marbuzet St Estephe.

      Happy Tasting!

      1. For around $100, my choices would be Bond Matriarch or Harlan Maiden if you can find them in your area.

        1. I've been stunned each time I've tried the 2008 Quintessa. Stunned at its flavors, silkiness, aromatics, elegance, beauty.

          After enjoying it several times with a friend, I was gratified to see Robert Whitley's review of it here:

          "Quintessa 2008 'Napa Valley Red Wine,' Rutherford ($145) — Oh, wow, does the 2008 Quintessa rock! This vintage is a stunning example of everything this project was meant to be — a Napa Valley red Bordeaux-style blend that can be drunk young — or not. It exhibits rich black- and red-fruit aromas, supple tannins, oak vanillin, hints of spice and a long, dazzling finish. Yet it's not so about heft and power (the ABV comes in at a respectable 14.2 percent), as it is exquisite balance and profound complexity. Rating: 97."

          It's available at far less that Whitley's quoted price. Go here for prices in your state:

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          1. re: maria lorraine

            That is the highest rated Quintessa I have ever seen at 97 points. No other major critic has given the wine over a 92 in the last decade so the 08 must be off the charts. My experience has always been a bit better than Silver Oak but I have not tried the 08.

          2. We are enjoying the 2005 Ridge Santa Cruz Mountain Estate Wine which is a 52% Cab, 48% Merlot.
            Silky, soft and very nice. Cost was only in the $ 38- $42. range.

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            1. re: Bruce in SLO

              Bruce good call on the Ridge as their Estate (08 Cab) is one of the best blends in America for under $50. I love being on many mailing lists as I got the 07 and 08 for $24 a bottle.