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Dec 28, 2011 05:40 AM

Raleigh area/Wilmington area

We are planning a trip to NC and will be in Raleigh and Wilmington each for several days. While in Raleigh we are looking at Six Plates, Chuck's, Gregoria's, and Weinberg's Deli.
In WIlmington our choices so far are Catch, Cape Fear, undecided between Pelican Seafood and South Beach Grill.
We are looking for casual, mostly reasonably priced foods, but love the local/organic movement, and definitely love seafood. Most of the threads I read were older, and I would really love more recs from people who've been to these areas recently! THANKS!

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  1. 22 North in Wrightsville Beach is excellent. I'd say it would be a much better choice than South Beach Grill. Others suggestions in Wilmington would Port Land Grille, Circa 1922 and Caprice Bistro.

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      You've obviously done research.

      As far as local & organic in Raleigh, I recall Market restaurant has gotten good reviews from folks I respect on this board. I haven't been there myself. Another idea would be Watts Grocery in Durham, just a 30 minute drive away.

      I'm a big fan of Chuck's. Their burgers are outta this world.

    2. Thanks to both of you! I appreciate your suggestions and will check them out. Turned out I'd been checking the 'General South' threads and needed to go to 'Southeast' so I had wasted a lot of time on old news! Very excited about Chuck's, and was thinking of Beasley's ?, too or Dame's in Durham - any input? My husband LOVES good fried chicken!

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        Dame's C&W fried chicken is awesome and they are very reasonably priced, fried chicken, waffle is some sort of topping, and a side (if they have collard greens the day you go it's a must have). Note that Dame's, as well as Gregoria's and Six Plates are in Durham, which is about a 20 minute drive from Raleigh.

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          Thanks, bbqme! I've never visited either of these areas and am getting hungry! We arrive Saturday. I've read some of your other threads on the area, and your screen name suggests you are a fan of BBQ - any suggestions there??? Thanks again!

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            One of the top 3 or 4 bbq places in NC is Allen and Son, located just off I-40 (Exit 266) on Hwy. 86 between Chapel Hill and Hilsborough. About 30 minutes from Raleigh.

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              Thanks! That may make it a great place to stop on our way into town!

      2. Seafood- Farmer's market off Lake Wheeler. Counter service with tables and chairs. You get it piping HOT! Calabash style fried food.

        Really good "German" Food- J. Betsky. Downtown Raleigh My last diner there was outstanding.

        Unique- small historic hot dog grill "The Roast Grill"

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          They all look interesting - really guessing we will at least go to the Market for seafood! The Roast looks a lot like a place we have here - and all love :) Thanks for the recs!