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DiFara Pizza coming to Red Bank, NJ

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Per their Facebook page, Dom is opening up in Red Bank. No details yet. Keep am eye out fellow hounds! Can't wait.

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  1. No secret that I love Red Bank and we eat there a lot. But until now, pizza was not something we went to Red Bank for. I can't wait to try some.

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      Just as long as they don't charge $5/slice like they do in Brooklyn. ;-)

    2. Well, he can't be in 2 places at one time, so let's be prepared for the "it's better than other Red Bank options, but it ain't Brooklyn!"

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        I don't know, I am a hopeless optimist. That said I grew up eating deninos and joe and pats in Staten Island. The deninos in Aberdeen is better than the one in SI. Cafe Ciro in Matawan is awesome but the mother store, Joe and Pats in SI, is better.

        DiFara is on a whole different pizza level. Will it be better? Who knows, I would be happy if it is half as good.

        1. re: angelo04

          "DiFara is on a whole different pizza level."

          Well, I was not bowled over the one time we made "the pilgrimage." While the pie was a very good one, still, I didn't see why it warranted the overly-ecstatic praise it gets. And there is no way I would ever brave any crowds to have it. As it was, though we went midweek when the place was quite empty, we had to wait a good long time since Dom isn't exactly Mr. Speedy.

          You know, Dom's kids opened their own place in Manhattan called DeMarco's. One would think having learned from the master, the place would be a success. Didn't happen because the pizza didn't measure up to expectations. Closed. (I never tried it.)


      2. DiFara's is pizza theater. It's about watching Dom Demarco lovingly take about 15 minutes to top a pizza. It's the Demarco Disney World ride. Take away Dom and all you have left is minimally fermented (1 to 2 hours) bland dough (by NY standards) with good toppings. It's not the toppings that make the pizza, but the crust. Ask anyone that knows anything about breadmaking and they'll tell you that you can't make great bread (or a great crust) in 2 hours. There's no time for any flavors to develop.

        If they go with a Fish oven, like they did in the Las Vegas location, the crust will suffer even further because of the longer bake time. A Fish oven will never give you the kind of char that Dom's relic 700+ degree ovens provide.

        With Dom, Difaras is entertaining but mediocre. Without Dom, it's just a name. What you're seeing as an exciting new beginning is really an end of era- an era based largely on theatrics and hype, not on great food.