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Bon Chon Korean fried chicken opening in Ellicott City

The folks who run Tutti Frutti in Ellicott City are going to open a Bon Chon franchise nearby. They have a Facebook page announcing the Bon Chon. They say it should open in "approximately" January.

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  1. Thanks for passing this along. I needed to look it up, so this might be of interest to other Chowhounders learning about their Korean chicken franchises:


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          I think I read it will open some time in February on Plum Tree Drive, next to Serafinos.

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            Last I'd heard, they were aiming for late February or March. The owner is training in New York.

        2. Any word on this opening? address? Its not showing on the corporate site unless it in VA?

          1. They're open! They announced it on their Facebook page today.

            1. They opened last weekend. We went Wednesday evening (7:30) and it was packed. They have a lot of TV screens mounted on the wall, so watching the Olympics was a great distraction from the wait for the fried chicken. I tried the spicy combo (wings+drumsticks) and it was delicious, with a great crunch and a nice heat level, but it took almost 50 minutes to arrive. We had an order of Chicken Katsu arrive in about 15 minutes, so there must be some magic they do with the fried chicken that takes longer.

              The waitresses were very nice and pretty on-the-ball. They are just opening so expect a few minor bumps (e.g. they ran out of scallions after making our seafood pancake, so no one else could order that the rest of the evening)

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                Do they have a liquor license? Can I order ahead from the Judge's Bench? It might be a good enough reason to move to Ellicot City.