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Dec 28, 2011 02:37 AM

Buffalo wing's 4 2012!!!

Best buffalo wing's place in Miami?

Looking 4 something like on the photo! Tasty blue cheese is a must (homemade better!) and celery!

Loved the wings @ Ye Rustic Inn in Los Angeles, found the bar thru this board and was soooo worth it!! I'm craving wing's for a year now... (I'm from Brazil, no good wing's here!) But in a couple of days I will be in Miami and searching for the best wing's available!

I will probably be visiting Sport's Grill and Bru's Room!!! Any other ideas?

Thx for ur input!

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  1. When (not if) you visit Bru's, I recommend you get your wings GRILLED. It's one of the features that makes their wings uniquely delectable. When they come out, make sure they have clear chared grill marks. If not, send them back. When they are busy or have new line cook sometimes they will skimp on the grilling - do not allow this to happen.

    Personally I prefer the Hot Grilled but many folks rave about garlic and other varieties.

    1. Went to Bru's Room in Boynton a few nights ago. I always thought they were great. I looked at the menu and saw that for 10 wings it was $9.75. That is almost $1.00 per wing. Too much in my book. I had the fish and chips.Mediocre. Dissappointed.

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      1. re: HotMelly

        Melly... your post doesn't reference how Bru's wings taste. Just that you think they've gotten expensive.

        Wings have gone up everywhere. Wings are now more expensive than breast in fact. Thus the proliferation of phony inferior BS "boneless wings" which are just "fingers" of breast meat.

        I've seen 6 wings for $8 or so in some "fast casual" places lately.

        Where do you like to go for wings that are very good and at a price you like?

        1. re: CFByrne

          Which location is the closest to Miami Airport??? They all seem very far...

          Well... Price is not an issue... sometimes I think I could pay like U$50,00 when I'm really craving for them!! lol

        2. re: HotMelly

          I wanted to check on going prices for wings these days, compared to $9.75/10 at Bru's.

          First stop, Duffy's.

          $9.99 for 10.

          1. re: CFByrne

            Tarks, in Dania -- $6.50 for 10, bleu cheese and celery included.
            Wings and Curls, Hollywood -- $8.25 for 10, bleu cheese and celery included
            Rickey's, in Hollywood -- $6.45, celery and bleu chese $1.50

            At a buck apiece, you're being hosed in Palm Beach County!

            1. re: southocean

              Ty for ur answers, I'm probably going to Sawgrass Mills and then to Bru's Sunrise in one day and other day I'll try Aventura Mall and then Tark's!!!! Hmmmmmm... I'm drooling here!
              Is Tark's a better choice over Sport's Grill??? My mom will like cause she doesn't care for wings or sport's bar! hehehe

              1. re: southocean

                I REALLY liked Rickey's in Hollywood. They use their own hot sauce which is delicious. Plus the place is owned by Billy Mitchell from "king of kong".

                Brus room is good too but sometimes their quality varies by location. Another thing about brus is their homemade blue cheese is amazing.

          2. I like the wings at Sports Grille. Also, Flanagan's has pretty good wings and their Wing-It Wednesdays are pretty sweet (free pitcher of beer when you order wings). I think my favorite wings are Anthony's Coal Fired but I will admit I don't get them buffalo style there, just grilled. Fantastic stuff.

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            1. re: Blind Mind

              I'm surprised you didn't mention burgers and beer joint's wings. They are really good.

              1. re: tpigeon

                Never had 'em. When I go to B&BJ it's usually because I'm craving their burger so I don't really get anything else. I'll keep the wings in mind though.

            2. I suspect the deal is this: "Are the wings in Delray or Boca SO-O-O-O much better than my neighborhood joint that I'll drive miles and pay more for them?" And, of course, the answer is typically "No."

              So, to drive from South Broward to Palm Beach for wings is a waste of time and money. And, a drive from Palm Beach to South Broward for wings is, similarly, a waste of time and money.

              Find the best wings in your neighborhood, celebrate life, enjoy them with a Stella, and realize life is good.

              1. The original comment has been removed
                1. I'll eat Sports Grill wings at their new location in Kendall just south of Kendall Drive on 97th Ave......Their "special grilled" are very good...very tasty.....a little too salty.....but love them.....I don't eat at the orginal anymore as the place is ABSOLUTELY FILTHY.....I've even taken the manager of a little tour of his place to show him the filth....and he really could have cared less.....

                  My favorite place to eat wings is the Village Tavern in the Kings Creek Plaza on the west side of the Palmetto.....two or three blocks north of Kendall Drive on 79th Ave....Their grilled wings taste like you cooked them on your back yard BBQ.......You choose the sauce.....prefer BBQ but step out and try various flavors......But they're grilled.....they use a larger-graded wing (yes folks wings are graded) and they're my personal favorite.........

                  Ft. Pierce, FL