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Jun 1, 2006 02:47 PM

Malibu Seafood, what's good?

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Just started a new job out here in Malibu and they're having the welcome lunch at Malibu Seafood. What's good to get?

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  1. If you're willing to spring for it, the steamed lobster is delicious. Best deal on lobster around, IMHO. If you like fried stuff, the clam strips are quite yummy. The chowder is kind of hit or miss - I've had it when it's really tasty, but other times it just tastes like a cream of potato soup with some clams thrown in. I hear that their grilled fish selection is very good, but haven't tried any yet. Enjoy!

    1. Happy eating in Malibu!

      Get any fish, grilled.

      BTW, since you'll probably be eating at more places than one in Malibu, I'd suggest also trying the following places sometime:

      Duke's (bad happy hour, as in expensive and short menu, but fun)
      Paradise Cove Beach Cafe (I believe wireless Internet, too)
      Marmalade Cafe

      And for finer dining:
      Saddle Peak Lodge on Puma

      1. I really like and frequently get the fish and chips, depending on how hungry you are or if your sharing, available with 1, 2 or 3-pieces of fish. Much better than the popular Neptune's Net further north. The 'Mini Loaf' of hot bread is a must.

        When you are not going with the boss, you can bring your own wine or beer, some folks even bring their own tablecloths and stemware!

        Good luck on your new job!!!

        Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market Patio Cafe
        25653 PCH
        Malibu, CA
        310 456 3430
        310 456 6298

        1. The fish and chips are great, so is the fish sandwich and calimari(spelling?)

          1. We always get the dungeness crab cocktail, the bay shrimp cocktail, a three piece fish with fries and share. I grew up on dungeness crabs that we caught ourselves. I like the crab cocktail because I get a cup full of sweet dungeness meat without all the work. The fish and chips are not the best I've had, but on a beautiful summer day sitting outside with a view of the Pacific Ocean, some tasty shellfish, and a couple of icy cold beers (we bring along a small cooler), they taste just fine.