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Dec 27, 2011 09:03 PM

How long to keep Buche de Noel?

My brother was VERY clear Christmas morning that he had dessert more than covered and please not to bring more. Would my Buche de Noel last in the refrigerator until Friday, when we're having people for dinner? This is a sponge version.

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  1. When did you make it? What is it filled with? I generally think of cake as being good for 3 or 4 days, but in reality it depends on the cake and it is probably fine for longer. A cream filling is more likely to weep over time, but if you have ganache or butter cream as a filling/frosting, the bigger concern would be the cake taking on refrigerator flavors or tasting stale from being chilled so long.

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    1. re: babette feasts

      you could always turn a weeping willow cake into a trifle!

    2. Made on Friday with chocolate and coffee ganache. And, after posting, I decided to call it research and we dug in ourselves.
      So to report: While cake and ganache have maintained good flavor and consistency, refrigerator odors are going out to be the problem. The outer piece was just beginning to pick some up, still very slight, even for me, and my husband claims that I can detect anything. But, even if we hadn't cut into it, preservation as a Buche de Noel for Friday was unlikely. Not a total waste, I'm getting it into a sealed container, then on Friday will slice and recycle into some sort of raspberry/chocolate/sponge pudding. Still, it was gorgeous...

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        wish you'd have shown us a pic before you dug in glad you got to eat some, because it is a lovely combo. when you repurpose with the raspberry, it'll be doubly lovely.