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Dec 27, 2011 08:35 PM

Good places to eat in SW Houston (Fondren and S Braeswood area)?

So DH and I just moved to a new house in SW Houston near Fondren and S Braeswood. We have discovered some good food (his grandparents lived near here until recently and his mother grew up in the area), but would love some suggestions for pretty much anyplace that is good. We are very open-minded eaters with the exception that I am a vegetarian (cheese and eggs okay, nothing that can move on its own). Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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  1. I highly recommend Piatto di Santi, which is on Bissonnet between Chimney Rock and Renwick in a very unassuming strip center.

    We have eaten there at least 10 times and have never been disappointed. Great italian food and very reasonably priced. And you can also get a certificate for it also.

    They have quite a few vegetarian dishes also.

    1. Thanks rondl, the menu looks amazing! I am extremely interested in finding a great Indian/Pakistani restaurant as well. I know that there are a number of Indian restaurants around the SW Highway and Hillcroft, but I was wondering which ones are really good. We had a great delivery place near us in Oakland, and we miss it terribly. Thanks again!

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        London Sizzler is my favorite Indian in that area. Himalaya gets high marks for Pakistani food take out. He takes the "cafeteria approach" selling his food in compartmented trays, but since I don't live near there, I haven't tried it. There's a whole bunch of conversation about Himalaya on this forum. Apparently the owner is "colorful."

      2. Hello and welcome to the hood. Here's some vegetarian options you may have discovered by now:

        Saba's Cafe - Kosher/Dairy - in that decrepit strip center at Fondren @ S. Braeswood, better looking on the inside than out. Pizza, bureka's, lots of good stuff prominently featuring hard boiled eggs. The only meat on the menu will be tuna fish, maybe tilapia.

        Aroma Pizza Cafe - Bissonnet @ Hillcroft - another Kosher/Dairy, smaller menu, pizzas, sandwiches, salads. Tuna fish but no tilapia I think.

        These two being Kosher are a bit more pricey.

        In the same center, Sheba Cafe - Ethiopian - great vegetable sampler plate. I think her wats are the best in town but she tends to serve dried out injera instead of nice, moist and springy, apparently deliberately.

        Pine Forest Garden - 9114 Bellaire, Chinatown - Buddhist Vegetarian cuisine, lunch buffet, afternoon dim sum service. Excellent and inexpensive.

        Further away, San San Tofu, Wilcrest above Beechnut, outside BW8, another Buddhist vegetarian place, grocery store and steam table, good for to go as dining in tends to be very cramped.

        And Quan Yin, Bellaire @ WIlcrest, used to be adhere to Buddhist principles, now just describes itself as vegetarian/vegan.

        In the Mahatma Ghandi district (Hillcroft @ 59) the best strictly vegetarian places are Shri Bilaji Bhavan (Udipi), Udipi Cafe (lunch buffet), Krishna Chat, and Shiv Sagar. Others I don't like as much are Bombay Sweets (buffet) and Rajah Sweets.

        Down 59 before Bellaire and on the other side of the freeway, Bhojan, restaurant in a motel with a Gujurati buffet, very good, although not as good as a couple of years ago.

        Lots of places will offer dishes for vegetarians. If you need advice on other cuisines in the neighborhood that may do that, let me know.

        You can find websites for a few of these online but some only on Yelp, etc. I've reviewed some of these on my blog, listed on my profile page, but some of my reviews are getting aged.

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          Thanks brucesw! I haven't actually tried any of these yet. We tend to eat in more often than not, as we both love to cook. But I am looking forward to trying some Ethiopian especially, that is a food we both really like. And it is good to know that although it looks a little scary, the strip center on Fondren and S Braeswood has some good stuff in it.