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Dec 27, 2011 07:35 PM

Nassau - Compass Point Beach Resort

My wife and our six month old daughter will be staying at the Compass Point Beach resort from January 27 - 31. Looking for local restaurant recommendations with great local food especially seafood. Would like to stay away from the resorts and chains.
Do we need to rent a car or can we get by on the buses and taxis?

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  1. You're a bit away from it all at Compass Point (which can be a good thing). The closest local spot that I can think of is Travellers' Rest ... a bit of a rustic institution A bit further, and more upscale, is the Beach Club Cafe. We've had great food there and bad food there, but their wood-fired pizzas are consistently good and make for a relax meal in a lovely setting.

    Lots of other choices if you're going further in to town ... check out some of the other threads which are quite comprehensive.

    We use a combination of Jitney's and taxis to get to restaurants ... taxis add up as it seems to be a $20-$30 cab ride each way wherever you go ...

    1. The food at Compass Points' own restaurant has been really good lately, so I would strongly recommend, especially since you are staying there. I second Coco's rec for Traveller's Rest and Beach Club Cafe. However, Beach Club is definitely a bit expensive. It would likely be worth your while as well to get over to Arawak Cay (Fish Fry) to check out the restaurants there. I must admit, we never go, so I can't give you any suggestions there.

      Across from Arawak Cay you can find The Cricket Club with some good local and British fare at good prices as well. Unfortunately, their website is under construction

      Unfortunately, I cannot say that there is any "great" seafood to be had. although there is a lot of good conch and a lot of good fish to be had here and there. As I said, Compass Point's food had significantly improved, and there are some good choices to be had there.

      Do be aware that everywhere here, gratuity will be added to your bill - anywhere from 15% to 18% - EXCEPT Arawak Cay. At Arawak Cay, you will need to add your own gratuity.

      Cabs are likely your best option to get as far as Sandyport (Beach Club Cafe is across the road), then you can hop the jitney from around there (unless you see a jitney farther west!


      Have a blast!

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      1. re: Food on the brain

        SO where would one go for the best conch salad??

        I read about a green parrot but which location??? We are staying on Paradise Island and going to the area around the strawmarket..

        4 years ago I did have a great lunch at twin brothers at the Fish Fry.. Now reading stay away from here or Potters.. I am bringing a newbie friend with me and telling her she has to give the conch salad a try.. So where do you suggest???????????

        Leaving in a week!!

      2. I lived in Nassau for 7 years and in my experience the only restaurant (other than one or two in Atlantis such as Nobu etc.) consistently worth going to was Cafe Matisse in the center of town. It does not specialise in Seafood, but Greg and his team do a fabulous job with just about everything, including whatever fish is on the menu. Don't waste your time at Arawak Cay and whatever you do DO NOT let anyone convince you to head to one of the shacks under the bridge to PI for cracked conch. Travellers Rest serves only deep fried fare and has not changed their oil since the 60's (at least everything tastes that way) unless you are bringing a plentiful supply of immodium with you, I would avoid it. Cricket Club is a toilet as is pretty much everything else in town. If its not too late, I'd cancel the hotel booking get off your plane in Miami and save yourself and your baby the aggro!!

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        1. re: StayThirsty

          I do have to agree with Thirsty that there really is not a lot worth checking out, but there are a couple options now. Unfortunately, none of them are even remotely close to Compass Point. I also concur that I would never eat at Arawak Cay or Potter's Cay, but then again, I have been able to find much better options.

          There is a new resto downtown called "Blu" which has not disappointed in the 3 times I have been there. It is in a building called Elizabeth on Bay, just past the hub of downtown. Beautiful view of the cruise ship docks, Atlantis, and some very good, interesting menu items. They have only been open a few months.

          There is also the Wine Lounge on Bay Street between Texaco & Shell before the PI bridge, which, unfortunately, has not been consistent, but also has some great menu items.

          Chef Chea's Corner Bistro on Dowdeswell St. has been really good every time I have been there, and the lunches are really fabulous. Turn right off Bay Street if coming from downtown - left if coming coming from the PI Bridge at the Texaco and Chef Chea's is the blue building on the left at the next corner.

          Now, for good fresh conch salad, Green Parrot on Bay Street (across from Wine Lounge) has a guy who comes in on the weekends and makes it fresh in front of you. Excellent, and tailors it to the level of spice you want.

          In the opposite direction, August Moon Cafe out in Lyford Cay is still open for a short while longer until they tear down the plaza. Alexandra and staff always put out some wonderful menus.

          Of course, Matisse is still a fave of ours. Greg and Alan and staff still do it best.

          Again, as Thirsty says, Matisse is the only really consistent restaurant, but there are others worth trying.

          Have a good trip.

          Have fun!

          1. re: Food on the brain

            Thanks for the tips. Are there any markets to buy local groceries? Besides one or two dinners out we are planning on just buying some fruit and local groceries and trying to make our own food.

            1. re: chicagoali

              Sorry I did not see this earlier - I know by now you are on your last day here. Hope you have been having a good time and have had some good eats. I will check back later today if you have any other questions.

              1. re: Food on the brain

                Thanks for the tips. We had one really nice dinner at Cafe Matisse. We also had a nice dinner at the Compass Point restaurant. The bar food there was very good also. The service was spotty at and some of the food was overpriced for what it was. The resort itself is such a great place that it is hard to leave when the restaurant is a 30 second walk from your door.
                The best thing we had was a conch salad from a hut down the street from compass point. I believe it was called Shonney's or something similar. We went there twice and each time the salad was perfect. We did visit downtown Nassau once. We had a non memorable lunch at a greek place. Overall I was surprised at how overpriced the restaurants are in Nassau, even compared to Hawaii and Europe.
                The nice dinner at Matisse was a great experience. The seating area was very elegant and the food was well done. They also had the best service experience.
                We hope to visit again soon.

                1. re: chicagoali

                  Looks like will miss this hut being that its close to the airport and wont be stopping with the shuttle

          2. re: StayThirsty

            Potters Cay is that bad?????????
            Many advise to go there for local Bahammas fare????

            1. re: palmtree38

              It isn't "that bad," but keep in mind that the area is not the most sanitary. That being said, lots of people enjoy very down to earth local fare there. I would not go there once the sun goes down though.

              The Green Parrot with the fresh conch salad is on East Bay across from the Shell station, shortly before the bridge to PI - keep in mind there is no guarantee when the guy is there to make it though. :-) Usually, Fri. after work and the on the weekends he will be there - when he reaches. :-) You can walk from downtown or PI.

              1. re: palmtree38

                Oh, and expect to wait about 45 minutes for conch fritters or conch salad down at Potter's Cay.

                1. re: Food on the brain

                  Why not after sun goes down? Not safe area ?? So not as sanitary I take it you dont eat here then?
                  We will be going next weekend so maybe green parrot would be our best bet? Can I call the location once there to see if he is working ??

                  Awarak fish fry sounds more clean then potters ?

                  1. re: palmtree38

                    Both Arawak Cay and Potters Cay are filthy. To be fair, Arawak is probably the cleaner of the two (no toilets or running water for vendors or patrons at I'm sure you get the picture re food prep and safety issues). Unfortunately, the food at Arawak is not much better than any deep fried fast food chain fare. Gov't regularly prohibits the sale of conch due to contaminants from local waters. In my opinion, there is very little local food in Nassau worth eating due to health and sanitation concerns and even less logic behind attempting to do so after dark due to personal safety concerns.

                    1. re: StayThirsty

                      I appreciate Your valuable feedback!!!
                      Lots to consider.

                      So if I want safe well cleaned, prepped cinch would green parrot or pop deck be netter!!! We had decent meal at poop butcinch was sold out still a expensive meal

                      1. re: palmtree38

                        lol I think I must have had a few wines typing on my ipad LMAO..

                        So was saying Green PArrot. and recently have been hearing Fab conch or cerviche at Senior Frogs made fresh. Dont order anything else here but a drink. Cheff named Dee use to work at Goldies doing the conch years back is at senior frogs now. WE had a decent meal at poop deck but when we got there conch salad was sold out!!!!!