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Dec 27, 2011 07:25 PM

DTW: Whole milk mozzarella?

I've got the urge to make Chicago-style (aka deep dish) pizza. I'm set on recipe and equipment, but, my favorite recipe calls for whole milk mozzarella. Last time I made it, I got some 1 pound blocks of Polly-O from Sparrow Market in A2 and shredded them in a Cuisinart. The pizza was delicious. Sparrow, though, is an hour or so from my house, and I'm feeling lazy.

I'm not looking for fresh mozzarella; that's easy to find, but it'd make pizza that'd be way, way too wet. Low moisture, part-skim would work if I can't find whole milk (or don't feel like driving to A2), but it wouldn't be as creamy as the whole milk.

So, Hiller's? Holiday Market in Canton? Busch's? I called Costco earlier today; they only have part-skim. I'd prefer a place near Canton, Livonia, or Dearborn. Plum Market might have it, but the closest one to me is probably the one in A2. If I'm gonna drive to A2, I'd rather to go Sparrow, so I've then got a perfectly good excuse to stop at Monahan's for fish and chips or chowder.

Not to be too difficult, but I should add that I don't shop at Wal-Mart or Sam's.

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  1. Hillers would have it, I am pretty sure. Call first.

    1. I made lasagna for xmas eve and was looking for whole milk mozz. - I couldn't find it at Hiller's Busch's, or Krogers.

      1. It seems like Holiday Market would (have you SEEN their cheese selection?!) you could also try calling Cantoro Italian Market in Livonia. I understand not wanting to go to a2, I bit it yesterday and went out to Sparrow, Zizi's, and By The Pound. Took me 3.5 hours - and I live in Canton!

        1. Thanks all. I ended up heading to A2. Sparrow Market had three pounds of the Polly-O Whole Milk, and I bought all three. We're going to make a double batch of pizza this weekend and freeze the leftovers. The New England Clam Chowder at Monahan's was an absolutely perfect lunch on a cold, wintery day like today.

          I did find myself having to go to Holiday Market in Canton after the trip to A2. I didn't see any whole-milk mozzarella, but I might have missed it. Not saying they don't sell it, just that it didn't leap in front of a very tired (and thus not very observant) Goneril. If I remember I'll check the next time I'm at Holiday.

          1. Never mind (sigh), I misunderstood the question!!!