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Dec 27, 2011 04:54 PM

Any Good Oyster Bar Happy Hour places in Seattle???

I am coming from Chicago for one night in Seattle. i am trying hard to find a good Oyster happy hour scene. Basically i am looking for great oysters cheap or cheaper.

I am alone so a fun place with a good people vibe would be nice.

Thanks for your help

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  1. The classic reply here is Elliotts, but it's not super awesome, since you only get one type of oyster on the HH. I prefer Shuckers, where all of their oysters (usually 6-10 local varieties) are $1 each. And the parmesan crisps on the bar are free and good.

    1. walrus and the carpenter would also be a good one as it is a fun environment

      1. I like the Brooklyn. They also have only one HH oyster variety, but if you're lucky it's a good one. It's a convivial atmosphere, seems like I always end up talking to other bar patrons there.

        1. It doesn't get any cheaper than Elliott's, as long as you're there at 3. And they are very good. You could start there and walk up to Shucker's or the Brooklyn after.

          1. I happened upon Blueacre Seafood (7th & Olive) by chance on a visit to downtown Seattle a couple of months ago. There was a sign board: "Happy Hour special: 3 oysters and a glass of bubbly $5."

            It was a very good deal. I am blanking on the oyster variety but they were fine, if not something special. Extra oysters were $1. The bubbly was St. Michelle sparkling wine (i.e., Champagne style). lt was a reasonable pour, too.

            3-6 pm.