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Dec 27, 2011 04:12 PM

Mount Airy/Frederick area suggestions

I just moved to Mount Airy with my wife and son and am looking for some local suggestions that don't take me all the way into DC or Baltimore(I'm well aware of all the great places there). Anything besides Volt/Lunchbox that I need to try?

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  1. Acacia and Isabella's in Frederick are my choices when I'm up that way. My sister has lived in Mt. Airy for nearly 30 years and I haven't heard her talk about anything earth- shattering but I will ask. Well, if you are steamed blue crab eaters, I can highly reccommend Lu and Joe's in Damascus (ignore the Harleys out front).

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      1. re: Terrie H.

        Tasting Room-fine dining
        Lucky Corner-Vietnamese
        Black Hog-barbecue
        Il Forno-pizza
        Il Porto-Italian
        Dutch's Daughter-old school American
        Double T Diner-breakfast
        May's-crabs and seafood
        Silver Maple-fine dining
        Braddock Home Inn-family dining
        Morgan's Inn-American tavern

        That should get you started. Welcome to Central Maryland. You picked a nice place to live.

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          What a great list! It will be so nice to have some new places to try.

      2. Monocacy Crossing in Fredrick is very nice. Our favorite.

        1. I love Market Street in downtown Frederick. I've heard good things about a lot of the restaurants within a couple blocks of Volt, but have only been to Firestones recently. Had great experiences there. They offer a brunch menu well into the afternoon on weekends featuring some really nice dishes. Last time out I had a corned beef hash dish that was simply perfect, each component of the dish was executed perfectly and as a whole was just magnificent.

          Also, on 15 N in Emmittsburg is Chubby's BBQ. Well worth the trip.

          I think this is a great area for good eats, and love the fact that I can avoid Washington and Baltimore. Aside from the traffic on 70, I'd say you're very well situated.

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            70? Not a problem. 270 is the most congested interstate highway in the nation.

          2. In addition to the other fine recs, Brewer's Alley for craft beer and southern inspired food (bonus patio in good weather) and Chicken Basket for old time fried chicken. Not impressed with Shab Row Bistro

            1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. This should keep us busy!