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Dec 27, 2011 03:42 PM

Family Buggy To Close (IFarmington Hills, MI)

I just found out that The Family Buggy Restaraunt in Farmington Hills is going to close. The only time I've been their was in 1995. What I remember is leaving my wallet, (I drove back and picked it up) and having a pretty good meal, nothing great. It seemed like nice family friendly place, complete with a small gift shop, (the kind you would find at a rural tourist trap with Pennsylvania Dutch Candy.) I'm sure a lot of people will miss it.

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  1. Used to work near their Plymouth/Middlebelt location and every so often would go for their Marty salad, which struck me as a slightly downmarket version of the Machus salad. Kids always loved sitting with the giant stuffed bear.
    Never cutting-edge stuff, just decent middle-of-the-road food. I hate to see any business go under, especially one that's lasted as long as they have, but they did have a good long run. Maybe if they were located away from the cutthroat competition along Orchard Lake, they could have hung on a bit longer, but this was probably inevitable.

    1. We tried it a few times in our Sunday morning breakfast rotation and they underwhelmed.
      Clearly; they had a loyal following for 44 years. Quite a run. I just checked Google, it seems
      that this is their last outpost.

      You are spot-on re: cut-throat competition along the Orchard Lake corridor.

      1. 30+ years in that cutthroat corridor. They survived continual expansion of Orchard Lake and build after build after build. It would not have been the same for those in the area if they were located elsewhere, they were part of the fabric. I'm not so sure this can be chalked up to the cutthroat competition, they had a very long run and maybe it's just time.
        I have vivid memories of the place as a child going there 30+ years ago. I think I still have one of the little clear plastic (cooler than it sounds) animals they would put on the top of children's ice cream treats.

        Thinking about the area, there is but a handful of places that are still around from when Tally Hall was king. Sunrise Cafe is still going strong, Famous Fried Chicken keeps one-upping the Colonel and Hazel and Roberto's, Silverman's reborn, keeps the 24-hour fires burning