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Dec 27, 2011 03:37 PM

new years DAY (& monday) in portland?

hi i'm going to be in portland on sunday, and am wondering what would be a great place to have an awesome seafood dinner.? the only other place i plan to visit is the great lost bear, but solely for the beer. anything going on sunday in portland? thanks for any info!

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  1. Strictly seafood plays include Fore Street, Old Port Sea Grill, J's Oyster and Miyake. I can't quickly think of any really good restaurants in town that do not have some great seafood on their menus so you don't have to limit yourself to seafood centric places.
    Now I happen to be a big fan of the Great Lost Bear and defend it often but... if you are a beer person and have not tried Nuvare Res (hidden behind a parking garage in the old Port or down an alley off Exchange St), you really NEED to check it out. If you are beer adventurous you'll enjoy because there are few if any mainstream beers on the extensive menu. They also serve some very tasty food.
    Sunday? Football in a lot places.

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      Yeah, Novare is the place to be for beer. Nosh has some good beers on tap too like Oxbow Saison Noel.

      You could check out a Maine Red Claws game if you're into basketball at all. They play at five on new years day.