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Dec 27, 2011 03:03 PM

veal demiglace substitutions?

ok so im using this recipe for pork ribs

and it asks for 1/2 cup of veal demiglace.

just curious if the taste would change a lot of i didn't use the demiglace.

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  1. It would lose a lot of rich, deep flavor. Probably would still taste good though.
    You could probably substitute a beef stock reduction and keep some of the flavor.

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    1. re: ROCKLES

      thanks for the tip. i had google'd what veal demi glace was and was about to ask if i could do that. im not a big fan of using anything veal related.

    2. Be careful using a beef stock reduction if you are going to use canned, boxed or bullion cubes to start from. They are salty and reducing them will concentrate the salt. I might be inclined to use the non-reduced beef stock in a small amount in the marinade and instead of the water in the deglaze.

      1. Browning the ribs would add the depth of flavor that eliminating the demi-glace would produce. Remove and pat dry the ribs after they have marinated and sear them in a hot pan until nicely golden brown then add the liquid and continue to cook.

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        1. re: mikey031

          im kinda new to a few terms. im going to post what i understand and see if i got it right.

          so first i make the sauce minus the glace.
          then i marinate the ribs in the sauce overnight.
          after that i dry the ribs.
          and pre cook them on a pan (with or without oil?) until they change color.
          then i continue the rest of the recipe normally

          1. re: newguy45


            sear the ribs in a medium hot pan with a small amount of oil.

        2. I cooked a pork shoulder this week. Got all that lovely gelatinous fluid left behind. Would that be a decent veal demiglace for pork recipes?

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          1. re: thinks too much

            It can't ever be veal demiglace of any sort, since it was made from pork, not veal. But it should be great to use in your pork recipes as a substitute for the veal.