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Dec 27, 2011 02:45 PM

food processor vs. immersion blender

After doing without a food processor or an immersion blender for years, I suddenly find myself in possession of both. I won a new Kitchen Aid immersion blender and Santa brought a large Cuisinart food processor from William Sonoma. It's an embarassment of kitchen riches, but the question is will I really use both? I need to decide whether to keep the food processor within a few days due to a rebate deadline.

About my cooking style, I do more cooking than baking, like to experiment, do not enjoy complicated clean-up (who does), and do a fair amount of preserving/pickling in the summer.

Advice from the chowhounds would be so helpful....

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  1. I use both and love them, but how can anyone tell you if you will? I suppose if you only want to blend things, the immersion blender would be fine to keep. But it can't slice veggies or mix pie dough. I'm not sure what pickling has to do with either, unless you're slicing veggies, in which case you've maybe answered yourself.

    Have had my Cuisinart more than a couple of decades now and it's still going strong. If I had to choose I'd keep it over my stick blender, but then again you can't immerse a food processor in a pot of soup. So if you're asking for votes, I vote for you to keep both.

    1. I also vote for both. They do complimentary things; I don't see them as competing. As far as cleanup, the immersion blender is the easiest thing ever to clean. Just whirr it in the soapy sink!

      1. I vote for both but I do use the immersion blender more.

        1. Keep them both. Over time one's cooking techniques, and repertoire change. You'll be prepared.

          1. I agree with the others, keep both. We used to use the immersion blender a lot when we made our own baby food. Now we use the food processor it for making pesto.