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Potato baskets-what to fill it with? Need suggestions

I saw a recipe for potato baskets made from shredded potatoes in mini muffin pans. I would love to serve these for NYE, but what would I fill them with? I can't use any fish...

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. The first thing I think of is mashed potatoes like a twice baked potato.
    Then again creme fraiche with caviar (assuming caviar is not a fish to you)
    or cheese and prosciutto with some green onion like a potato skin.

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      I would love the creme fraiche caviar idea but unfortunately the people I'm spending NYE with do not eat any fish. What cheese would you put with the prosciutto that wouldn't make it too salty? Parmesan or Romano would be too salty and mozz would be too bland, no?

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        mozz or jack would be my first choice, then maybe a bit of herbs to flavor.
        cheddar would work great too and could stand up to the prosciutto, just don't over do it

    2. Maybe use them as shells for quiche. I have never had poutine but if that sort of thing works for you, could add cheese curds and gravy.

      1. How about a little pulled pork and a dab of coleslaw, or a bit of shredded brisket, dot of cranberry and sour cream; corned beef with a dab of sauerkraut mixed with Russian dressing. If you want to skip the meat, maybe thinking of a take on the applesauce and sour cream toppings for latkes - applesauce would probably make them soggy but maybe a little shredded apple salad with horseradish and sour cream dressing. You could also do kielbasa, caramelized onions and sour cream, even a dab of purple cabbage for color, to go for a pierogi sort of idea.

        1. - creamed spinach topped with some type of sliced grilled meat and garnished with beet

          - applesauce with a touch of sour cream or the like

          - beef or lamb stew topped with caramelized onions and parsley

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            Thanks for all the great suggestions...but these are mini muffin pans, will anything but the applesauce or sour cream fit?

          2. These always looked good to me. This could even be the recipe you're talking about! They're mini muffin.


            1. Eggs (poached or scrambled) if regular eggs are too big, use quail eggs.

              1. I'm not sure whether you're asking for an hors d'oeuvres or an accompaniment for a main course.

                The few times I've made potato baskets, it's been as a side dish and I've filled them with fresh peas, blanched in salted water and rolled in copious amounts of butter and a bit of pepper, then drained. Depending on the peas, you might add a touch of sugar. Since I'm usually serving this with a significant roast, I like to keep it simple. And the color of the peas is just stunning. Peas are one vegetable that is almost as good frozen as fresh, so I wouldn't hesitate to use frozen petit pois.

                1. -diced sauteed mushrooms, onions and garlic

                  -caramelized onion bits and whipped feta cheese

                  -broccoli souffle

                  -ricotta, rosemary, and minced pine nuts

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                    I made the potato baskets yesterday from preshredded potatoes. It was difficult to figure out when they were done baking because while the "straw" tips browned nicely, the inside of the basket stayed pale. The outside bottoms browned nicely though. Another issue I encountered was that they really shrunk when baked. Even though I made sure the mini muffin tins were full to the top, they shrunk down at least 1/4, a problem since they were small to begin with! I did mix s, p and onion powder with the shreds to add some seasoning to the potatoes themselves. They were served as hors d'oeuvres, one of many, but they were really too small to fill with anything besides cheese and herbs. I did some with Parmesan and some with extra sharp cheddar and scallions. They were wonderful when hot, but once they cooled, the bottoms seemed gummy. I would not make them that small again, unless I grated the potatoes fresh, the shreds were too awkward to fit in the minis.

                    Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I have entered them all on my recipe card for future incarnations! Happy New Year!

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                      Thanks for posting your results. It means a lot to me to hear how things turn out.

                      I'm wondering if this idea might work better if the mini muffin pan was turned over and the grated potatoes were formed around the outside of each cup. Thinking they would crisp better and they wouldn't be able to shrink as much. I like the idea and think it might be worth playing with it since potatoes are inexpensive.

                      1. re: Terrie H.

                        Sounds like an awesome idea! I love it when people think of things out of the box (since I never can-sad I know).

                        I was just reading CH thinking how everyone came up with fantastic ideas for the filling and I ended up serving something so boring. I apologize that I did not do the CH family justice and promise to do better next time! Lol