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Where can I find Dover Sole

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in Central or North NJ ? In a restaurant rather than a store.

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  1. Blue Point Grill in Princeton may have it. Best to call ahead as they frequently change the menu based on the market.


    1. Last week I had it had LuNello's in Cedar Grove and they also had it at LaPergola in Millburn.

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        oooh...good call! I'm way overdue for LuNello's.

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          Yes, absolutely. I too am overdue for LuNello's...

      2. The Chef's Table in Franklin Lakes used to have it on their menu as well.

        1. It's always on the menu at Portofino's in Tinton Falls. I haven't ordered it - it's expensive - but friends of mine have and they've enjoyed it. It's a very good restaurant.

          1. It's hard to find real Dover Sole... what we get is usually "Pacific Dover Sole" (though often labeled merely "Dover Sole") which is quite different. Following from Wikipedia:

            "Because of its prestige, the name 'Dover sole' was borrowed to name the eastern Pacific species Microstomus pacificus, a quite distinct species with different culinary properties: the Pacific sole has thinner, less firm fillets and sells for a lower price."

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              The I suggest Greens - a very good restaurant located near Fortnum & Mason's in London.

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                LOL. You can get it a little closer than that.

                E.g. look at this NY Times article from last year: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/22/din...

                Sam Sifton didn't much like the restaurant he was reviewing ("pensioner food for those who run pension funds"), but to quote a relevant part:

                "The greatest restaurant fish in the world may be Dover sole, an exquisite flounder of eastern Atlantic heritage that takes its name from the English port from which its best hunters once sailed. Diners love the fillets for their mild, sweet flavor and for the way the edges crisp in the heat. ... Dover sole does not come cheap. Hauled from the sand and mud seabeds of coastal Europe and North Africa (and mostly sold out of the Netherlands now), then shipped by air to the United States, the fish commands prices commensurate with the journey and the power of its name. It is rare to find it in a New York restaurant for less than $40 a plate ..."

                Incidentally, I see we have another interesting thread here on "Dover Sole" -- http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/577963