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Dec 27, 2011 12:47 PM

Which Canola Oil Doesn't smell fishy?

I buy whatever canola oil is on sale, regular national brands. When I fry some smell fishy. Right now
using up a bottle of Wesson and you'd think I was having a fish fry, the smell is so strong. Any brands consistantly have no smell when frying? Or at least no fishy smell. Thanks

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  1. Pretty much all of it smells bad :p

    I dont use canola oil at all any more If I can help it, it gets funky with high heat and there are much better options for frying.

    1. I suggest that you find Organic Canola Oil, cause approx 80% of the Canola Oil on the market has been generically modified (GMO). Most of it is Monsanto's patented Roundup Ready glyphosate-tolerant canola. If you're not aware of the concern about GMO's, google ---Gmo Canola or Monsanto.

      1. i have to agree with twyst - some people can't or don't seem to notice that funky/fishy odor, but those of us who do will pretty much detect it in *all* canola oil...and it gets appreciably stronger at high temps. you're really better off switching to another type of refined high-heat cooking oil like peanut, sunflower or grapeseed.

        1. I've not noticed a 'fishy' odor from canola oil, but having said that, I've moved on to grapeseed oil for daily use, along with olive oil. I was buying organic canola oil, and couldn't justify the ridiculous price. (And...having lived on the prairies where canola is grown, I don't know how any farmer can manage to grow 'organic' canola. That pollen blows far and wide.....)

          1. I've used TJ's for years, keep it in the fridge after opening, and always found it completely odorless.