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Dec 27, 2011 12:35 PM

Where can I find flavored sliced wheat bread?

I love Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Honey Bread but they just discontinued it!! I liked the way it was dense and was slightly sweet which really helped make a tastier and more interesting sandwich.

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    Not sure is comparable, but you might give it a shot. You might try asking at the Chains board where you'll get nationwide answers.

    1. not exactly what you requested, but it may scratch the itch,

      trader joe's fat free organic whole wheat bread.

      it is the "house bread" in my home, and, to me, it tastes sweeter than most other whole wheat breads.

      1. Orowheat Honey Whole Wheat is really good. It is available in most supermarkets, though on the East Coast I believe it is sold under the Arnolds name.

        1. We also like Oroweat breads. It makes me crazy when I find something that i like at TJ's that is discontinued. I've tried many breads sweetened with molasses and or raisins that are just too heavy and sweet for my family. We don't particularly like the very dense "healthy" breads either. I especially like the Oatnut variety by Oroweat as it is made with hazelnuts so it has a mildly sweet nutty taste and it is soft. Von's carries a wide variety of Oroweat products. I like their 100% whole wheat too as it is not made with high fructose corn syrup.